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Influencer Marketing Agency and ASL Studios: Why We Were the Perfect Partner for a Last-Minute Video Podcast in NYC

We recently got a call on a Friday afternoon from a top Influencer Marketing Agency. They needed to film a podcast in NYC the following two days with a video agency. Fast forward 12 hours to Saturday, and we’re rolling not only on a video podcast in a custom lighting setup, but also knocking out […]

Why We Built a State-of-the-Art Production Studio In Midtown NYC

    LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Time is everything in life and not wasting a second of yours was one of ASL’s top priorities when we created a brand new, state of the art production studio in NYC. Just steps from Madison Square Garden, Times Square and Penn Station in the heart of Midtown NYC. Saving […]

Some of Our Recent Work Will Blow You Away!

  At ASL, we pride ourselves on our ability to come to any of our client’s work spaces and create incredible looking content. This was the case recently as we created testimonial videos for our client, Persuit.  Persuit is a law firm engagement platform used by in-house teams to manage risk, increase diversity, reduce costs, and improve law […]

Staying Committed to Our Client’s Vision

HEY FRIENDS, Our team at ASL continues to put out a variety of work while staying committed to our client’s vision and overall mission. Take a look at what we’ve been able to create over the last few weeks. ASL got in the game during the NBA Playoffs in a whole new way assisting Halo Technologies, […]

Creating Fresh Video Content In 2023

ASL Productions continues to set the standard for excellence in creating video content, serving as a trusted and adaptable partner for our clients. Take a deeper dive into our recent client projects to see how we excel in delivering top-notch video content. From captivating commercials to engaging corporate videos, our portfolio showcases the diverse range […]

Content with New Partners Heading Into the Holiday Season

ASL is bringing holiday cheer to all of our clients this month! As we come to a close on 2022, We’re proud to show you the great work we’re wrapping up this season. ASL headed back to school this month, working with The Haven Academy and the Hudson Valley Massage Training Institute. We spent some […]

Seeing You in September

As summer comes to an and and we mentally prepare to wear long sleeve shirts and drink hot coffee, we hope a recap of some of our recent projects provides a little pick me up. ASL recently collaborated with Dentsu’s, McGarry Bowen agency and Intel to tell the story of Intel’s Deep Fake recognition technology. […]

ASL Taking Advantage of Summer

We’ve been able to collaborate with new and recurring clients to help produce some of our best work to date. That being said, lets get right to what makes ASL, ASL….the work! Recently ASL partnered with Gale Partners and their client,  iconic ice pop company, Bomb Pop. We were tasked to help create a fresh, new […]

ASL Coming In Hot??

We’ve been able to collaborate with new and recurring clients to help produce some of our best work to date. That being said, lets get right to what makes ASL, ASL….the work! With a rapid turnaround time of only 12 hours, ASL produced, filmed and edited a video at the annual Consumer 360 conference for data and […]

Directly To Cam For Direct Communication

At ASL, we help big companies communicate big ideas everyday. Just ask all of the CEO’s and executives we’ve been working with this month. We know getting through to your team can be a challenge. At The Hudson Valley Scoliosis Center, ASL spoke with Dr Strauss who shared how his Scoliosis treatments can be life-changing. We made […]

Virtual Producing With BIG CLIENTS In 2022

We hope the start of your 2022 has been as safe, busy and fun as ours. Virtual shoots have played a large roll at the start of our year and we can’t wait to tell you about them. So let’s get right to it! ASL teamed up with long time partner, NCSolutions to produce their virtual […]

2021 Year In Review For ASL

2021 has been a very eventful year. From almost beating the pandemic to being back in the thick of it and everything in between, ASL was able to adapt to changing production environments and create some incredible content. Virtual and socially distanced productions are the norm and we have been one step ahead, creating the safest and most […]

Giving Thanks and ASL Project Recaps

As the holiday season approaches we want to take a moment to say Thank You to all of our clients, family and friends. We would not be able to create the work we do without you. Now, let’s get right to the work! ASL teamed up with PR agency BCW as well as Team Enterprises to […]

Hiking Our Way Through Fall Projects

From East to West, ASL has your content needs covered! This fall has included shoots in Los Angeles, Memphis, North Carolina, down south and up the Eastern Seaboard. Here are some of the highlights.  ASL sent our in house director, Ben Grody to Los Angeles to oversee two testimonial videos filmed on back to back […]

5 Cities, 10 Days to Produce Barstool Vs America

We’ve been changing time zones for branded content all over the country and changing sets for a new series exploring how technology can further benefit industries at a stage in Brooklyn.  Lets get right to the details.  ASL took on one of our biggest challenges to date with Barstool Vs. America. We produced a reality competition […]

Creating Campaigns and Content for Our Partners

Our busy season has extended to all of 2021 so far and we have some fantastic new projects to tell you about. Lets hope the shoots keep rolling in, but until then, lets get right to the projects that have been keeping us so busy.  ASL traveled to the midwest for another shoot with our longstanding […]

Riding Dirty Into Spring

We’ve recently helped produce some amazing and dynamic content with brands all over the country. Lets get right to the nitty gritty. ASL brought an LA based crew led by one of our favorite Outdoor Sports Directors, AJ van der Water, to Wimberly, TX.  Our shoot was with Stillhouse, a liquor brand focusing on being able to […]

Busting Out of Winter with Big Projects

Hi Everyone! We have a lot to go over and don’t want to keep you from yoga in the park, so let’s get right to it! We continued our Intel “Behind The Brains” series from 2020, this time interviewing Lama Nachman about her work with anticipatory computing. ASL traveled to San Francisco to interview Nachman, Director of Human […]

The Benefits of High-End Video Production

We all know that hiring a web design firm to overhaul your website can produce a great return on your investment. In recent years, many companies have engaged design agencies to revamp their brands. The benefits of hiring a video production company to create a branding or marketing video are much the same. You will […]

Drones, Set Builds and Remote Productions

We have continued our busy streak with lots of projects in all phases of production. Our team has been working hard to maintain our quality and agility for our partners and as long as they are happy, we know we are on the right track.  Lets take a look at some of the work that’s been keeping […]

Nationwide Crews and Remote Viewing for Productions Large and Small

ASL Can Produce Your Video Projects in Every Major Market Over the past 10+ years, ASL Productions has been producing videos all over the country. With our travels comes a talented network we’ve built through each production every step of the way. What has resulted is a team of talented professionals in every area of […]

New Year, New Projects, Same Hustle

We hope your year is off to a great start. We’ve had a full plate thus far with virtual producing, ship-a-kit production, in person filming with proper Covid compliance and lots of post-production. We’re always pushing ourselves to create new and better video content for our partners while overcoming the challenges that are out there. […]

ASL 2020 Year End Review

2020 was a year we will never forget. There were so many new challenges to the way we lived and worked. In the face of these challenges, ASL created new opportunities. Our year not only saw growth in our business, but also saw growth in our ability to adapt to whatever obstacles are put in […]


Sizzle video. It’s not just the sound bacon makes on the frying pan, but one of the most ubiquitous forms of video content out there. What is also a brief reel for actors, directors, and camera ops to show their work in a snippy form, is also an industry standard in event video production. So […]

Over 1 Million Views for Our Intel Video Campaign

Our Partnership with Intel has Generated Over 1 MILLION VIEWS In 2020, ASL collaborated with Intel, and agency partner McGarryBowen, on a series of videos centered around Neuromorphic and Quantum computing. Our goal was to create captivating video content explaining what both advanced computing operations were and introducing the people behind the developments of these advancements at Intel. The […]


ASL Provides Full Remote Viewing/Producing Capabilities ASL Has Produced Over 50 Remote Video Productions Since COVID-19 Changed Our World In March ASL Productions is a trusted leader in remote video productions. We have full remote filming, directing and viewing capabilities through Zoom or other online meeting platforms. Our fully remote access allows our clients to have complete […]


Since 2019, we’ve been working hand in hand with social media agency Attention Global and their client, Abbott Laboratories, promoting the many wonders of Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 14-day glucose monitoring system. We’ve had all different types of productions with Abbott, from comedic spots (see above) to our first celebrity endorsement video this past month. Our […]

Creating Content For Our Partners All Over the US

Hi Everyone! We’ve had an exciting and busy slate of nationwide productions lately. Recent shoots include stops in Oklahoma City, Chicago and Miami. Without further adieu, lets recap. ASL has created a diverse array of content alongside Attention Global for Abbott Laboratories’ Freestyle Libre Diabetes monitoring sensor. Typically, we focus on documenting user success stories and […]

Set Builds, Video Launches and Cyber Security

It’s been a busy fall, so busy in fact, that we’re a little late in sending out this email. Some of the things keeping us occupied include football season with Barstool Sports and filming all over the country for corporate and agency clients with remote video viewing which allows them to watch directly from the comfort of […]

Navigating Video Solutions Nationwide

We were recently doing the math and discovered that this summer we had 37 shoot days, filming, editing and producing for 5 different agencies and 20 different clients! Even more impressive, the filming took place in 22 different locations. Our remote video village offering was certainly put to the test and it passed with flying […]

Moving Forward with Remote and Post Production

Slowly but surely, productions are starting to pick up again and we are hitting the ground running. While we are always careful to abide by PPE and social distance measures, a lot of our clients are starting to create new video assets and we are there for them every step of the way. As we […]


As states are starting to re-open their economies and entering the first phase of COVID-19 recovery, people are starting to schedule video productions. While companies want to create video marketing assets, they’re turning to production companies, like ASL Productions, to create safe, socially distanced production environments. That being said, clients and agencies alike want to […]


We are continuing to keep our head down and grind as we adhere to social distance policies. Two exciting things we’ve been working on are the launch of our Pro Video Drop and Film System and the David Guetta United at Home Fundraiser which took place this past Saturday night. We wish everyone safety and health […]


Creating a video in the age of coronavirus is not an easy task. Organizing your vision with your creative team is hard enough over video conferencing. But, organizing crew, talent, props, locations and everything else involved in a video production is much harder than it was before the pandemic. Despite the new obstacles in front […]


“We want to continue our video marketing strategy campaign but how can we with social distancing in place?” It’s a question we are getting over and over again from our clients. The answer is simple. Repurpose video content to create new video assets. With the country unable to gather in groups for video productions, or […]


Hi Everyone! All of us at ASL are adapting to the new way of work and life. Although our team is socially distancing, we feel it’s important to continue on with as much normal activity as possible. We wish you and your loves ones health and safety during this difficult time. Without further ado, here’s […]


Different video strategies require different videos. Across the Internet, new videos are dotting up in just about every industry imaginable. E-commerce companies are utilizing sharp, informative videos to sell their product. Software services are turning to video tutorials to ease their users into their new programs. Consumer brands are constantly reinventing themselves and developing their […]


So you’ve just gone through a video production. The budgets, the shoot day, followed by notes and edits, and here you have it, your final video. It looks great, sounds great, and was kind of exactly what you had in mind. But there it is, just sitting, floating up there in your Cloud. Now how […]


We’re all familiar with the “About Us” section we go to on websites. It’s the tab we’re looking for when we’re trying to figure what on earth this company is all about. A good “about us” section will be loaded with a company history, basic details, contact info, and a mission statement. A great one […]


Professionally produced videos are differentiated by their high quality appearance and contextual effectiveness. To build exceptional content from scratch, you need professional video production services. Because moving from the shoot to the editing room requires specific skillsets that make everything come together as a cohesive unit. Unfortunately, not every video out on the web is […]


You’ve probably seen many explainer videos. Maybe even in the last week. In the world of product videos, they’re turned(?) to whenever the need comes to explain a product, a new startup, a software platform, or well, just about anything that needs explaining. When it comes to getting vital information across to your audience, videos are the preferred […]

Get More Value From Your Event Video

We’ve spoken before about how having a professional video crew can at your event can elevate your brand and capture a moment in time, among other marketing-related benefits. The trend of repurposing event videos has made video event coverage a must. It ensures that your event will last well beyond its final banquet. Whether used later for […]


The hear and soul of a corporate video productions is a video interview. They move the narrative forward, put a face to a company, and capture the spirit of an event. Pulling off the perfect interview relies on preparation as much as it does having an experienced production team. Without a focused effort, common mistakes can […]


Performing a multi-camera shoot may seem like a good idea to save time and energy. If you use multiple cameras you can get more angles in less time. However, we’ve found out in our video production services that the more elements you add, the more complicated the process. Before going in for multiple cameras at a time, […]

What Is User Generated Content?

When looking at User Generated Content, authenticity is everything for Millenials. The first social media generation has turned a wary eye towards advertisers, instead turning to their peers for recommendations. Out of a group of individuals surveyed, 76% answered that they trust content shared by “average people” over content promoted by brands. So does this […]


Whether you’re aware of it, or not, you’ve most likely used video host sites before. The social media behemoths of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat all use their own hosts to seamlessly integrate the infinite sea of content being uploaded each day. In the arena of video host sites, one appears to stand high and mighty […]


Videos are more important than ever in every company’s digital marketing strategy. We break down why they are so important, and how best use them.


Linkedin video, as a platform, is undervalued. B2B companies can reach their target audience easier than on other social platforms with less limitations.


All the tips you will need to know before your corporate video interview.


ASL’s had another busy month of production projects with coverage of events, series, and testimonial video interviews.


Having a Digital Marketing Partner is important for your marketing strategy. ASL explains exactly what to look for, and why, in your company’s partner.


Testimonial videos are an essential part of any digital content strategy. We’re going to focus on what makes your testimonial video effective.


Full-service video production means doing whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. Our busy month of videos in NYC, DC, and more was packed with action.


Startup videos establish a culture and brand identity. Finding the right tone can be tricky, but getting it right can advance your marketing effort.


Product videos are integral to digital marketing efforts. Educating viewers on the features of products and services, establishes a valuable rapport.


Small business videos are key to any company’s marketing strategy. Recruiting videos, company story videos and product videos are all great marketing tools


Video interviews are the building block of many corporate videos. Read about their immense value in the world of corporate video production.


Your corporate video production requires all production elements working together in order to successfully portray the message of your video .  You may be trying to be informative, relatable, or perhaps just entertaining. But no matter what your messaging is, your video must always catch and keep hold of a viewer’s attention.  There are many ways to […]


So you’re seeing your competitors all post corporate videos on their websites, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, or any of the countless platforms out their hosting video content. You’ve posted on social media and shared articles and done everything in your power to promote your brand, but seem to have expended your capabilities. Mist Media Reports that […]


You’ve probably seen many explainer videos. Maybe even in the last week. In the world of product videos, they’re turned to whenever the need comes to explain a product, a new startup, a software platform, or well, just about anything that needs explaining. When it comes to getting vital information across to your audience, videos […]

March Madness @ ASL: NYC Video Production

Hi Everyone! March has been an nyc video production whirlwind. We’ve worked on some of our most ambitious projects to date, while also covering some eye-opening events in the tech sector. Before we head full-throttle into spring, here’s a recap of some of the exciting video production projects that kept us busy at ASL this March! A […]

NJ Video Production: Up and Down the Turnpike

We’ve talked about how working in New York video production boasts endless advantages through its stream of resources and opportunities. Well, one of our favorite resources lies just to the west and is greater in population than New York City. At just a three-hour drive from its rocky northern reaches in Mahwah to the southern […]

Corporate Video Production NY ‘A-Z’

From sports content companies to digital marketing agencies and everything in between, the field of companies in corporate video production NYC is ripe with content creators looking to make unique videos to build their brands. We’ve already shown you what it is that a full service video production company can bring to the table. But […]

What Makes A Full Service Video Production Company

What makes a Video Production Company a Full Service Video Production Company is the partnership entered into with our clients and the guarantee that we are the only call you will ever need to make creating a corporate video for your company. Regardless of how much help you need with creative, the scale of your […]

ASL’s Guide of Corporate Event Video Production

Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes. From massive consumer conventions to company-wide summits to intimate lecture series’, we’ve produced multipurpose corporate event video that we’ve been proud to show off to all involved. As video producers, corporate events are always a thrill to cover. Though they may run on tight schedules, no two […]

The Difference Between Good Video Producers and Great Video Producers

Video producers are among the first credited in video projects (especially New York Video Producers) , though you never see them on stage collecting awards or making headlines. A producer’s role is to manage the pre-production, production, and post-production process of a video or film. This means that they are responsible for the planning, the […]

The Process: Producing a Construction Safety Video

The Process: Producing a Construction Safety Video Construction Safety Video with Hunter Roberts In the spring of 2018, we were shortlisted for an extensive project producing a construction safety video for Hunter Roberts Construction Group, a leading construction group specialized in complex projects including skyscrapers, hospitals, and even a park on the Hudson River. [maxbutton […]

Coast to Coast Video Content with ASL Productions

Hi Everyone! The start to our year has been busy but, as always, our dedication to our video content partners is not just a resolution. Lets get right to some highlights from our last month. In January we journeyed to Orlando to document RSM’s involvement at the Student Veteran’s Association. The RSM CDI Group, Stars and Stripes, met […]

Producing Testimonial Videos at ASL

At ASL, we’ve earned a name for ourselves by being resourceful in production, while producing videos that we’re genuinely proud of. When working in corporate video production, you need to be flexible. Companies and agencies alike have very specific ideas in mind, and as a video production company, you’ll need to service their needs while […]

New Year, New Content, Same Amazing Video Work

  Hi Everyone!   2018 was quite the year for all of us at ASL Productions! We produced amazing video content with new and continuous content partners and want to thank everyone for participating in our successful 2018. Before we can officially move on to 2019, lets take one last look at some of our projects from […]

A Video Shoot Day Review: Footlocker

With a 7 AM call time for our video shoot in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the ASL team and crew met outside GUM studios, a massive production facility tailored to commercials, films, TV shows, music videos, and high-end photoshoots. The Project – Six:02 is a unique concept for women under the Foot Locker brand. In launching their […]

We’ve Got That Holiday Feeling!

    Hi Everyone!   The holiday season is officially here! So, if we don’t see you ahead of time, we want to wish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! Now for the last time in 2018, let’s get to our highlights from the last month.           ASL worked […]

NYC Video Production: Why Quantity Means Quality

New York City. If you can get beyond the swirling masses and head-scratching metro schedules, it’s not all that bad of a place. Especially if you’re in video production, where opportunities are aplenty and drone shots from far above the grids of Gotham look ready for the big screen. While LA may reign supreme in […]

Common Video Production Mistakes

Mistakes.  We’ve all made them.  And in video content production, the ways they could happen are numerous. In the 15 years that we’ve worked in video content production, we’ve seen it all: from the good, to the bad, to the downright strange. Whether it’s a technology failure, a routine blunder or a mindless bout of […]

Football Sets, Safety Training Video and Financial Services

    Hey Friends,   With football season in full swing and the clocks about to turn back, it’s officially fall. Lets take a look at some of the highlights from our last month.        Last month, ASL started working on a safety training video for Hunter Roberts Construction Group. We had our work boots laced […]

Vertical Videos are Coming!

It’s 2018 and Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Blake Shelton are pointing us in the direction of a revolution in video content. The three pop megastars and more have all experimented with the concept of the vertical music video. Vertical Video? Isn’t that just for those crazy teenagers on Snapchat? In September 2018, YouTube announced […]

Walks, Climbs and Barguments!

Hi Everyone!     Back in September, we kicked off a series of shoots for a safety training video for Hunter Roberts Construction Group. This month took us from Long Island, to Pier 14, and down I-95 to Philadelphia, documenting safety at sites big and small. One of the highlights was  a new skyscraper in the Financial […]

A Day in the Life: ASL Video Production Team

From most of our clients’ perspective, a day of shooting must seem a pretty foreign concept. As the Tetris blocks (cases of gear) open to unveil cameras, tripods, lighting rigs, panels, covers, microphones, and cords of all the colors and variations, the office space suddenly transforms into a film set. With our video production team […]

Working with Agencies: Types of Agencies

At ASL, we produce video projects for many different types of agencies. We thought it might be helpful to analyze agency relationships and inform you of different things you may encounter with each type of agency. Creative Agencies The most common type of agency in corporate video production is a creative agency.  We mentioned the […]

Working with Agencies: Agency Personnel

When working in corporate video production, as the company evolves, you’re going to start working with agencies. At ASL, we work with all types of agencies: digital agencies, PR agencies, creative advertising agencies and everything in between. Due to the endless variables that come into play when putting on a production, a synergy between video […]

Video Content for the Millennial Demographic

Oh, hey there. It’s Max here, ASL’s Resident Millennials Correspondent. I’ve been conditioning myself to knock out an article greater than 280 characters. When I’m not busy swiping, snapping, or charting out my next juice cleanse, I’m generally keeping up with the internet’s latest video marketing trends. Born between 1981 and 1997, Americans of the […]

Livestreams, Carnivals and Lambs…What Could This Be About

Hey Friends, While some production companies slow down during the summer, ASL pushes harder to create more content. We’ve been producing tons of shoots, including a livestream and carnival, in August mostly because we know you love reading all about them. Take a look at some of our highlights below.         ASL produced […]

Step Up Your Testimonial Video Strategy

By now, we all have a pretty good idea of what a bad testimonial video looks like. SNL has ripped the tactic to shreds in their phony advertisements for Activia, Lincoln, and most recently the Amazon Echo. Let’s face it, there is something inherently hilarious about a bad testimonial: bad actors hamming their way through […]

The Benefits of Having a Nationwide Network of Freelancers

So it’s 2018 and you probably know several people out there making it in the freshly-dubbed “Gig Economy”: Freelancers, as they’re also known. Until this point, freelancers have carried the reputation as specialists, hired hands brought on board to cut a task with an end date in sight.   If one were to picture a […]

We Don’t Have Much Time To Tell You This

  Hey Friends, The average time people spend reading an article online is 37 seconds and we’ve produced some pretty cool shoots in the last month, so here are our past 31 days in 37 seconds (approximately).       ASL broke into the fashion world in July with our shoot with Bloomingdales! We filmed […]

Keep Cool With Some Summer Weekend Reading

  Hey Friends, We hope you have an amazing summer weekend, BUT FIRST, read about the highlights from the last month of ASL shoots!     ASL teamed up with Nielsen to cover their Consumer 360 2018 conference. We traveled to DC with a crew of four from New York and called on four more […]


Towards the end of last month, ASL accomplished a feat they said couldn’t be done. We were on location and provided video production crews for five shoots, in five different cities, all in one day. You heard (read) us correctly. We had two shoots with Barstool Sports in DC and New York, one shoot with William […]

ASL’s Guide to Internal Social Media Content

Over the past few months, the ASL team has been on a mission to step up our social media content marketing presence. To do this, we’ve been creating a series of short social media videos to highlight our best content by category, as well as highlight the projects we are most proud of. If you […]

ASL Provides Corporate Video Production Support All Over the Mid-Atlantic

One of the hallmarks of ASL Productions is our ability to provide nationwide video production support.  So far in 2018, our production reach has been utilized time and time again, as we have been called on to provide crews and operators in cities, such as, Los Angeles, Orlando and Las Vegas, to name a few. […]

It’s Summer Time, Sit Back and Read This!

    Hey Friends, It’s the email you’ve all been waiting for, our monthly recap!     One of our hallmarks at ASL is our nationwide reach, and ability to provide crews and take on shoots all over the country and internationally. In May, ASL teamed up with Aspen Dental on a production in Augusta, Georgia. We […]

April Productions Brings May Content

  April has flown by but we don’t want to see it in our rear view without taking you on our video production journey for the month. Lets strap on our production boots and get to it. ASL headed to the Rust Belt to partner with Aspen Dental in Steubenville, Ohio. We filmed a heart […]

ASL’s Recent Corporate Video Interview Trip to Raleigh

  The ASL video crew recently headed down to Raleigh NC to film man-on-the-street corporate video interviews.     Our production crew spent the day before the shoot scouting locations to find the best possible places to film. We searched for locations that had our desired aesthetic, had a variety of looks to film within […]

How to Use Professional Videos to Highlight Company Culture

Using Professional Videos to Highlight Company Culture     It can be tricky to make certain industries seem exciting and engaging for new prospective employees, but one of the best methods to attract new talent and get them engaged is to create high-quality company culture videos that highlight all of the benefits of working with […]

Why You Need Professional Pharmaceutical Video Production

Why Do I Need Professional Pharmaceutical Video Production?       Pharmaceutical companies are among the many businesses that can benefit from professional video production in many ways. Unlike other types of media, video offers the ability to showcase the latest developments and technologies using an effective visual presentation.   Reach Audiences More Effectively For […]

What are Some Basic Video Tips for Creating an Authentic Case Study?

According to a study conducted by Kleiner Perkins Caufield, online video accounts for 74% of all online traffic, and case studies are no exception. Video case studies can be highly beneficial to your company, serving as authentic recommendations for other potential clients while further promoting your brand through social media and other outlets. Customers themselves […]

How to Build a Brand with Animated Videos

These days it isn’t just about pushing your brand to build overall awareness for your business. Instead, its about making a connection with your audience so your brand stands out as an entity with its own personality. Online marketing capabilities have made it easier than ever for businesses to hold their own among competitors, but […]

How We Write Creative Corporate Video Scripts

When producing corporate videos, it’s a good idea to have a script in place to improve the structure of the narrative. While video testimonials, event shoots, and certain other types of videos may be exceptions, most corporate videos will benefit from a script. Start with a Video Brief Prior to writing a video script, we typically […]

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop @ ASL

ASL Productions took a trip over the Brooklyn Bridge to cover the Independent Lodging Congress. We had a crew of six people capturing interviews and highlights from the hospitality conference at The William Vale in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The two-day event was filled with anecdotes and tips from some of the independent hospitality sector’s most successful […]

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