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"In NJ, NYC, LA, and Southern California there is no better video production company!"

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….. and counting.

Having worked with countless high-profile clients throughout NYC, NJ, California and the whole nation- our experience, reputation, and work speaks volumes!


We Produce Content You Will Love:




ASL Productions produces high-end corporate content that exceeds our partners’ expectations at every level – creatively, economically, and with a consistent, reliable level of service.

What’s our ASL Difference? How do we differ from the other video production companies?

The ASL difference is in our value, reliability and personal touch. ASL’s team is highly qualified and extremely resourceful – we produce powerful, engaging content across a wide range of industries, content categories and styles, and we do it all with with the same in-house creative team and executive producer, who works closely with every partner, and on every project, from conception through creation. Our work includes brand marketing, product promotion, corporate recruiting and training, case studies, testimonials, event coverage, and animated videos.


We Utilize the Latest in Video Production Technology…

We utilize cutting-edge technology like 360 degree/VR and augmented reality to produce meaningful experiences that make a true impact on our partners’ audiences. We pride ourselves on our seamless collaboration with marketing agencies, bringing their creative directors’ visions to life. We are a resourceful team with solutions to every production need, including creative conception, writing scripts and storyboards, casting, set design, makeup, wardrobe and location scouting.  Call or email us today and we’ll send you an itemized quote for your production. You’ll love your content!

Video Production Services We Provide

What video/animation services can we offer your company/agency?

Corporate Video Production

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ASL offers ways to connect with clients, employees, stockholders, and any other audience your business desires. Whether you want to shoot in 4K, 1080P or 720P, our experience and versatility allows us to handle the needs of any corporate video.


View more about our Corporate Video Production service!

Product Videos

We understand how to promote and highlight your product’s key features while displaying it in a tasteful and creative way.


View more about our Product Video Production!

Video Testimonials & Case Studies

A common ASL production involves telling how a product came to life or how much a company loves using a particular brand or product. We bring your testimonials and case studies to life without losing their authenticity.


View more on our Testimonials/Case Studies service!

Small Business Profiles

Our experience in small business video production allows us to portray any businesses image in a clear and creative way.


View more on our Small Business Video Production!

Branded Video Production

We have the ability to connect a brand and their audience. We are able to create a story that will reach and relate to you and your desired clientele. There are no limits to how we can create your commercial.


See how one of the best advertising production company can help brand your content!

Live Action Videos & Streaming

At ASL, we pride ourselves on the ability to know the story and get the shot!


Take a look at our Live Action portfolio!

Green Screen & Visual Effects

We know what it takes to provide a clean key and to make your green-screen shoot look and feel like a real environment.


Take a look at some of our Green Screen work!

Promotional Videos

We offer promotional video production near you, with 4 locations throughout the United States!

Creative Scripting & Storytelling

Contact us for more on our creative scripting and storytelling!


We know what it takes to create awesome animations!


Take a look at the different animation services we can provide!

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We cater our Video Production services throughout the United States with locations in NYC, NJ, Los Angeles, and South Florida.

Event Coverage

With ASL on the cameras, we’ll cover your live event from every angle at every time to bring your vision to life with no re-takes or re-shoots.

See more on our Live Action Event Coverage service!

Commercial Production

There are no limits to how we can create your commercial. From Go-Pro’s, to DSLRS, to Canon C300s, to RED Dragons to Arri Alexas, we are here to bring your vision to life.

View more on our Commercial Production service!

Top Rated NJ and NYC Video Production Company

See what real companies and agencies have to say about our video production services:

2 months ago- Scott, Jordan, Claire, Adam, and the rest of the crew who made TaxDrop's video possible--- THANK YOU! ASL was not only professional from the minute I picked up with phone to call them for help, but showed true care throughout the entire process as if TaxDrop was their own company. The team is incredibly responsive throughout all times of the day, any day and work with such skill and efficiency. Will definitely work with them again and would definitely recommend them for new clients.

Alice Cheng

Adam was great to work with. [He] helped make a very stressful day, very easy. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that. His talent is evident as I watched him work throughout the day.

Tricia Baker - Founder of Attitudes In Reverse (A.I.R.)

Adam, Scott, Jordan and the rest of their team have been an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. From concept planning to execution, their knowledge, creativity, and dedication was extremely evident and helpful every step of the way. They love what they do and it shows, we could not be happier with our final product!

Tess Bright

ASL is amazing. My company, Swayfield, brought them in to put together 5 vignettes for a social media promotion we were running for a client. ASL went above and beyond. They stayed within budget, while outperforming the budget. They were efficient, on-time, and met every deliverable. Their team took all the video needed over multiple locations within a short event window, and took the initiative to secure all the permits needed to shoot in necessary locations. ASL even helped storyboard our vignettes, which was out of scope. I highly recommend working with this team.

Matthew Praetzel

I’ve worked closely with Adam since last year. He’s very good in making sure everyone’s comfortable during shooting and his work has been nothing but amazing!

Aliaa Zulkifli - Jambu

Thank you so much for your hard work today. the footage looked really great!! Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Marisa Wayne - Rubenstein Communications

You and your team really did a great job! I truly appreciate all of your hard work and you will be highly recommended to anyone that inquires.

Susan Milano - Head of Global Talent Acquisitions at Sparta Systems

That video is REALLY REALLY great. Very touching. Genuine love from grandpa to his eldest child.Everyone loves it!! Thank you!! I hope you win an award. You deserve it

Jin Ah (Jin) Longerbeam

Nationwide Video Production Company with offices in Los Angeles, New Jersey, South Florida and NYC!

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