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SaaS production requires the ability to take complex ideas and simplify them.

Through visual and contextual metaphors, we work with brands to drill down on their key elements and find ways to present that information to their audience.

Education, E-Learning & Non-Profit Video Work

Educational Video Production


Educational Video Production

We can come to you anywhere in the USA to film authentic interviews and captivating content for educational video production. Students, teachers, educators, employees. We have experience with all the necessary paperwork and approvals and are able to bring less gear to get in and out without being in the way.


E-Learning video production by ASL Productions

Video Production

For E-Learning

More and more people are heading online to learn these days. We are the experts in E-Learning classes. That can mean TelePrompTer in studio, on location with a gimbal, or anything in between. ASL Productions is well versed in capturing B-Roll to help tell the story or by using stock footage to fill in the gaps for your E-Learning class.

Filming at schools is something we have experience with at ASL Productions


At Schools

Educational Video Production

ASL Productions has filmed in many schools and knows how to get in and out without being in the way. Forms, waivers, permission from parents and making sure that we only capture who we need when we need them. We are great at being a fly on the wall and capturing content that connects with your audience. While also not being a distraction to the students!

Teleprompter at ASL Studios NYC

Sometimes A

Teleprompter Helps

Sometimes the best way to get the job done is to bring everyone in to you. If you’re in NYC we have a state of the art video production studio with teleprompter, fun colorful backdrops and a lot of really great ways to show off your spirit.

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