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What Goes Into Making Financial Videos?

Welcome to our premier national video production company, specializing in creating captivating and effective video content for the financial services industry. We combine expertise in financial services video production with a deep understanding of financial services to deliver compelling visual narratives that resonate with your audience.

From explainer videos to client testimonials, we tailor our productions to showcase the unique value and expertise of your financial services firm.

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What is

Financial Video Production?

Financial services video production involves creating videos that effectively communicate complex financial concepts, services, and products in a clear and engaging manner.

Financial services video production can include a variety of content types, such as explainer videos, client testimonials, company profiles, educational videos, and promotional videos. The goal of financial services video production is to help financial institutions connect with their target audience, build trust, and effectively convey their message in a competitive market.

financial services video production

What's Different About

Video For Financial?

Video for financial services is distinct due to its need to simplify intricate concepts, establish trust with a cautious audience, and comply with stringent regulatory standards. Given the complexity of financial topics, these videos must effectively distill information into easily digestible content.

Moreover, they must engender trust by providing credible and authoritative insights. Additionally, adherence to regulatory guidelines is paramount, ensuring that the content meets legal requirements and maintains ethical standards. These unique aspects set financial services video production apart, requiring a thoughtful and strategic approach to create impactful and compliant videos.

Animation for Lincoln Financial with savings/investment graphics.


Animation For Financial Services Video Production

Animation for financial services companies is a great way to get across complex info in a fun and engaging way.

Data, explainers and info comes across well when you can get creative with your storytelling and is often a much clearer way to tell about what you need.

More animation for financial services video productions.

interview shot of a financial company video

High Quality

Financial Testimonials

Testimonial videos for financial industry clients is something we have done at the highest level for over 15 years. Authentic testimonials, recruiting videos, about us video and more are a great way to get your story out in its most organic way.

Round table discussion on white cyc of financial industry video production project

Financial Videos That

Educate and Teach

Use video to empart knowledge to your audience. The financial industry is a great place for people to turn when they need expert opinions and help to parse through all the tough decisions out there.

By using video to show you are a key opinion leader in your space, video content can help to broaden your reach and create long lasting relationships by providing helpful and important information.

I recently filmed a commercial with ASL at the helm, and they were not only incredibly professional but immensely personable. The crew made my bandmates, my daughter, and myself feel so comfortable and at ease during the lengthy shoot. The constant communication and friendly chatter after the shoot has also been so welcome. I have sung their praises to anyone who has asked about the commercial, and I cannot wait until the project is released so the world can see just how talented these fantastic humans at ASL are!

Austin J., Talent

We worked with ASL Studios in New York with a very high profile celebrity guest to film an episode for our show and was so happy with the service, location, and staff. Every accommodation was met above expectations.


Will use again in NY for sure. Love this place.


Everything is looking great! Thanks again for you and your teams help it was an extremely smooth shoot thanks to you guys.

Matthew, Pharma Agency Producer

“Their breadth and depth of knowledge across video production stand out.”

Eric Lituchy

Absolutely excellent. The studio is one of the best we have used and is very impressive. There really was no expense spared in Studio One. The team there is amazing and really made the whole experience seamless, as we were flying in from the U.K. It made us feel very well looked after. Will be booking again in the near future!

James N, Social Tree Global

Couldn’t ask for a better studio experience. The studio has everything you need, looks stunning and comes complete with fantastic service. ASL Studios went above and beyond to make sure we were in good shape. And, there is a studio dog! Who can ask for anything more? 🙂

Casey H


Financial Services video production Interview

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