Animation in Corporate Video Production

Animation allows you to approach the promotion of your brand with unlimited imagination, with the added bonus of maintaining a cost-effective video production. There are several ways we use animation in our video productions at ASL, including as an enhancement over live action video, as one or more sections of a larger live-action piece, and as the sole production element (a full animation).


For less complex applications, such as motion graphics overlaid on live action video, or incorporating digital product screenshots into an animated digital device, ASL’s in-house editors use Adobe After Effects. This is the same software we use to incorporate lower thirds (name/title bar appearing below a speaker), text on screen and the like, but an experienced editor can accomplish a lot of our animation needs using After Effects as well.


Animation in Corporate Video ProductionFor the production of fully animated videos, ASL provides its partners with the option of working with one of multiple animators, all of whom have a different spectrum of styles and capabilities. When producing a fully animated video, we begin by developing one or more sample animations based on initial creative discussions, then work closely with our partner to hone the style before moving forward with the full-length animation.


By using animation, we can show otherwise complex concepts clearly, relating them properly to an audience. Our ability to reproduce digital user interfaces, for example, helps us showcase cloud products tangibly, allowing audiences to better imagine their use of those products. See our work with Nielsen, Workmarket and SafetyNow, all showing digital device simulations.


In a similar vein, we also use animations and motion graphics to show more depth of story in live action videos. This spot we produced for Nielsen on “The Multicultural Consumer” uses animation to complete the picture of how Nielsen’s reach sets it apart as a data partner. Instead of using only a voiceover to describe Nielsen’s data capture, animated bubbles show actual data points above individuals’ heads, demonstrating the point visually, which is more effective among most audiences.


Our work with Fuji Electric provides another great example of how live action footage can be enhanced by animation to show more depth of story. For this spot, we highlighted certain applications of the components manufactured by Fuji Electric, and we used animation to demonstrate how the components they produce, while generally unnoticed by the public, work behind the scenes (i.e. – inside a subway car door) to improve our everyday lives.


Animation in Corporate Video Production

Beyond communicating abstract ideas, animation allows for a little magic to be incorporated into informational content. In the world of animation, anything is possible. You can show a pink elephant riding a skateboard while juggling, if for some reason that is what your brand is about. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to produce that kind of theatrical performance in the ‘real world’ on a video production set. For an example of how we’ve used animation to show the impossible (or at least the improbable), we love this commercial we produced for Canary Home Security, in which a home security camera captures a robotic vacuum taking flight and terrorizing its household – the feel of this piece mimics the “found footage” horror genre.


So, Animation is effective and fun. But just as important, it is cost-effective. Creating fully animated video content does not require a full production crew, nor does it require camera equipment and lighting. The use of substantially fewer resources often translates to fewer expenses, even if the video is focused on the same concept and content. For this reason, we often suggest animation as a value option in producing certain types of video content. If you have

questions about how you might be able to leverage the benefits of animation for your next video production, call ASL today!


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