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Testimonial video productions are a fantastic way to tell a brands story, highlight a product or hear directly from the people who matter most. These can be client reviews, celebrity endorsements, employee interviews and so much more.

The best testimonial and interview projects are the ones where everyone is most comfortable and has an opportunity to ask questions prior to their shoot day. With thousands of interviews under our belt, we always know how to make everyone look their best.

Testimonial & Interview Examples

We Make

Authentic Client Tesimonials

Client testimonials can be a powerful thing. They allow
your audience to hear directly from those who use your
product or service daily. But nothing can derail a
successful testimonial video faster than canned lines
and scripted, overthought answers.

We have the recipe to help your team create organic,
authentic and heartfelt client interviews while ensuring
that everyone feels comfortable throughout the entire

Testimonial Video Production Example

A Stress Free

Testimonial Video Production

We conduct pre-interviews with every interviewee prior to their day on set. That gives everyone the chance to ask questions and feel comfortable with the process.

The best interviews are ones that feel like conversations. Our goal is to make each person who steps in front of the camera look their absolute best.

Capturing Interviews

Anywhere, Anytime

No matter where you want to film, or if you need help finding the perfect spot, we have you covered. We film interviews at offices, homes, public spaces and beautiful rental properties and stages.

We also have a state of the art video studio with tons of great interview options if your next shoot is in NYC!

“Their breadth and depth of knowledge across video production stand out.”

Eric Lituchy

Everything is looking great! Thanks again for you and your teams help it was an extremely smooth shoot thanks to you guys.

Matthew, Pharma Agency Producer
Krisha and Intel Labs talk about how AI Is ageless and learning never stops

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