Talent and clients, crew, location, agency, friends and family….Creating a successful video production environment involves many moving parts: creative direction, a talented team, and strong leadership. However, one often-overlooked element is the importance of comfort. Ensuring that everyone on set feels comfortable can significantly impact the outcome of your project.

From thorough preparation and clear communication to providing the right amenities, such as food and drinks, and creating a welcoming environment for talent off-camera, these small details can make a big difference in the overall atmosphere and, ultimately, the quality of the content produced. In this blog, we’ll explore various ways to make your clients, talent, and crew feel comfortable from the moment they arrive until they leave, ensuring a successful day of filming.


The foundation of a comfortable production lies in thorough preparation. Clear communication and a solid understanding of what to expect are key. Everyone involved should be briefed on the shoot, its goals, and have the chance to ask questions. Surprising clients, talent, or crew with unexpected facilities or issues can quickly sour the atmosphere.

While not every set can offer the same level of comfort as a high-end nyc video studio, there are ways to enhance comfort regardless of location. For example, providing misters and fans in a shaded area during outdoor shoots in the summer can make a big difference. By planning ahead and addressing potential issues like green room amenities or load-in logistics, you can ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for everyone involved.

Making the most of the space you’re in

Creating a comfortable environment on set involves maximizing the space and addressing potential issues before they arise. Utilizing the available space efficiently can make a big difference in the comfort of your team. Ensure that there are designated areas for different activities such as hair and makeup, wardrobe, and catering, to avoid congestion and promote a smooth workflow.

Talent green room at asl productions in nyc with green couch and private balcony

Additionally, anticipate any potential issues that talent or clients may notice upon arrival. This could include ensuring that the space is clean and tidy, and that all equipment is in working order. By addressing these details proactively, you can create a more welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone involved in the production.

Fast wifi, Sunday Ticket, television, and multiple viewing options

Having fast and reliable WiFi, along with television and multiple viewing options, can greatly enhance the comfort and convenience of your set. Fast WiFi is essential for communication, research, and streaming, allowing your team to stay connected and productive. It also provides a means for talent and clients to stay entertained and engaged during downtime.

IMG 7124 Large 2

Television and multiple viewing options can offer a variety of entertainment and information for everyone on set. Whether it’s news, sports, or movies, having a range of options can cater to different preferences and help create a more enjoyable environment. Additionally, multiple viewing options can be useful for reviewing footage or discussing creative ideas, providing valuable resources for the production team.

Plenty of places to relax off set

Creating inviting spaces for relaxation off set is crucial for maintaining a positive atmosphere on your video production set. Consider setting up comfortable lounges or outdoor areas where your talent and crew can unwind between takes. Providing amenities such as catering, crafty snacks, and coffee can enhance the relaxation experience and keep everyone refreshed and energized.

Green Room with Private balcony at ASL Studios. green couch and in-house feed on the tv


Green rooms are also essential for providing a comfortable retreat for talent and crew. Ensure that these areas are well-equipped with comfortable seating, refreshments, and entertainment options. Additionally, having designated viewing areas where the team can review footage and discuss creative ideas can enhance collaboration and productivity.




VIP Green Room with private balcony for talent or clients.Outdoor spaces can provide a refreshing change of scenery and a chance to enjoy some fresh air during breaks. Whether it’s a patio or a garden area, creating a welcoming outdoor space can help promote relaxation and well-being. By prioritizing comfortable and inviting spaces off set, you can help ensure that your team remains focused, energized, and motivated throughout the production process.

Filmed at ASL Studios

Food & Crafty!

Speaking of food and crafty, these elements play a crucial role in making everyone on set feel valued and well taken care of. Food not only satisfies hunger but also has the power to boost morale and create a sense of community among the team. Providing a variety of delicious and nutritious options can cater to different dietary needs and preferences, ensuring that everyone feels included and cared for.

Catering and Craft Services are available at ASL Studios

Crafty snacks, in particular, offer a convenient way for talent and crew to refuel and recharge throughout the day. Whether it’s a quick pick-me-up between takes or a late-night snack during a long shoot, having a well-stocked crafty table can make a big difference in the overall mood and energy levels on set. Additionally, offering a selection of beverages, from coffee and tea to refreshing drinks, can help keep everyone hydrated and focused.

Overall, food and crafty are more than just sustenance on a production set. They are a way to show appreciation for your team and create a comfortable and welcoming environment where everyone can perform at their best.

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