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Our busy season has extended to all of 2021 so far and we have some fantastic new projects to tell you about. Lets hope the shoots keep rolling in, but until then, lets get right to the projects that have been keeping us so busy. 

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ASL traveled to the midwest for another shoot with our longstanding partner Gale Partners and their client, Abbott Laboratories. We filmed a testimonial video for Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 2. Our subject was Chef Robert Williams who uses the Freestyle Libre 2 to manage his blood sugar levels. 

We chronicled Chef Robert as he prepared a home cooked meal with his son. We rented a location to recreate our Chef’s home for the purposes of filming. We also recorded him preforming some of his hobbies including playing guitar (see bts video above).

Our collaboration with Gale and Abbott has spanned several years now and we hope to continue creating testimonial videos with them, like the one with Chef Robert, for years to come. 

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Recently, ASL traveled the streets of Brooklyn to help film a narrative film called, “Rear View.” The story mostly takes place in an Uber driving through various Brooklyn neighborhoods. ASL provided a lot of the gear and production support to help create the film with long time ASL collaborators and writer and director, Tim Gunitilaka and Matt Conboy.

We filmed over the course of three days/nights to capture all of the time corresponding scenes. To film the driving scenes, we rented a process trailer which towed our on-camera vehicle around the streets of Clinton Hill, East Williamsburg and Middle Village, NY. We ended the shoot around 2:30am at the Williamsburg Bridge.

Looking back, our experience helping produce and film “Rear View” was a positive one. We can’t wait to see the final movie!

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ASL hit the road again for Vuse as we covered their sponsorship of the Indy 500. We filmed the Vuse sponsorship of the collaboration between Arrow McLaren SP and Undefeated. We interviewed the Undefeated CEO, James Bond, who spoke about this historic sponsorship between the two legendary car and apparel brands. 

Vuse also set up an art installation where two sponsored artists designed the entire space and would customize clothing for fans lucky enough to be a part of the weekend. Vuse has been creating a ton of buzz with local artists surrounding the Indy Car Series and ASL has been there to capture all of the magic.

Take a look at a video above highlighting the Arrow McLaren SP and Undefeated partnership.

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Bacardi called class in to session as we went to Miami to help create an online Bar Tending course called Bacardi Teach. The Master Class style video helps instruct bartenders do everything behind the bar from creating the perfect cocktail to running a successful hospitality business.

The three camera shoot had us working through the bell as we filmed four courses and twelve separate modules. The modules included titles ranging from, “Creating a Menu” to “Key Performance Indicators.”

Bacardi Teach is being created to help bartenders and business owners, alike, set themselves up for success in the current economy. We’re in post-production now and created to help create an educational resource for the hospitality community for years to come. 

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There are a lot more projects coming up to tell you about next time as we travel the country with Barstool in an RV for High Noon, work with a familiar partner to create lessons for a therapist online training course and work on our swing as we visit Torrey Pines to for another Barstool project!

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