We are continuing to keep our head down and grind as we adhere to social distance policies. Two exciting things we’ve been working on are the launch of our Pro Video Drop and Film System and the David Guetta United at Home Fundraiser which took place this past Saturday night.

We wish everyone safety and health as we carry on during the COVID-19 outbreak. But in the meantime, we are very excited to share how we are providing a socially distanced way to bring professional quality video production right to your home!

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ASL is providing a completely contact free, sanitized, professional video system that we drop off at your door. A professional videographer will assemble the camera, lighting, audio and computer system and an easy to maneuver cart, so you can wheel it inside your door, hit record and have professional quality video.

We’ve done everything we can to provide the best social distancing options for you. Our technician, wearing the proper PPE, will build and fully sanitize all equipment outside of your home, test and fine-tune the gear and wheel everything to your doorstep.

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We can customize your cart with additions that will further upgrade your shoot. While some items will require a technician to enter or operate in your house, with just a 1-person crew we can pull off the production value of a large team. Add-ons we can provide include a teleprompter system, Eye Direct System for connecting with participants while looking into the camera lens. Multiple camera angles, specialized lighting techniques and green screens for digital backgrounds that are keyed perfectly.

When filming is done, you simply turn off the camera and lights and wheel the cart back outside your door. Our technician will be there shortly to pick up the gear. Our system allows us to patch your feed directly to online video platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. So you can live stream and broadcast your feed to address your audience in real time.

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If you want to learn more about our Pro Video Drop and Film System please email us at or call at 646-481-1472.

Let’s upgrade your content safely and effectively!

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We spent most of last week 70 stories up at the Top of Rockefeller Center preparing for the David Guetta, United at Home livestream. Friday we followed David around the city as he visited essential workers and gave thanks for all that they do. On Saturday, with protests in the street, the performance went on as scheduled and raised $450,000 which was being matched by sponsors for a total of $900,000 for COVID-19 relief. Check out the full concert here and next month we’ll give you an inside look of everything that went right and the challenges we faced pulling off a 5-camera livestream that included a jib arm flying around the Top of the Rock!

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Do you need support creating content? We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can bring your vision to life!

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