Five of Our Favorite Set Builds

Over the last 15 years ASL Productions has had the pleasure of building some fun, weird and wacky things four our clients and partners. As a way to celebrate the month of April and impending spring, we’ve gone ahead and put together our five favorite set builds, designs and creations to share with. you all today!

In no particular order….

Nine sets in two days for New Amsterdam Vodka

Okay we promised not all of our favorite builds were race themed. This one is really one of our favorites. For New Amsterdam we were tasked with creating 9 different sets to film over two days. All living rooms, all with friends and family enjoying their New Amsterdam drinks while watching the NHL. This ad played during NBC broadcasts of NHL games for over two years.

Nine different looks for New Amsterdam Vodka

The big thing for this was being able to create repetitive moves for New Amsterdam Vodka with a giant robotic camera arm. The moves were identical shot to shot, which allowed us to dial in the placement of the bottom to the exact same spot scene after scene. We used a plum line to ensure the bottle never moved in relation to the robotic camera and track.

bts shot from new amsterdam vodka shoot with robocam

Other than the robo cam that had to be JUST right every single time, we also had NINE sets we had to run in and run out in about 2 hours over the course of two days. Each set was designed and built by our amazing art and props team. We had to make sure that each set was positioned correctly, had the green screen elements in place and was able to match up perfectly as we went seamlessly from shot to shot. Check out how it all came together below!



La-Z-Boy Go-Karts for Mugsy Jeans

Mugsy Jeans Lazy Boy Go-Karts at a track ready to race

Barstool Sport’s asked us to build custom go-karts for Mugsy Jeans. They were to be fully functional and able to race, cloaked in denim and honestly WAY too fun. We approached our build team and we set out to make the most fun, bad-ass and street legal (okay fine not street legal but track legal!) go-karts we could in just a few weeks!


The go-karts were crazy fast and Barstool had a great time driving them around the track in Staten Island. We had an ambulance on site, custom signage, FPV Drones and a team of camera and production crew to make sure everyone was safe, having fun and we were able to capture the carts run around the track. It’s possible we may have had one flip but thankfully everyone was okay and the kart went on to race another day!

You may be wondering “but where are they now?!” That’s our secret but they are being stored until someone else wants to ride the track in complete comfort. As Ben….

Go Cart Made of La-Z-Boy


This is an oldie but a goodie. We were asked by TUMS to create a custom tums and indigestion race track for influencers to play opposite the Super Bowl. What we created ended up being a sort of love child between the tv show GUTS and a high stakes go kart indoor experience!

Tums Super Bowl Race Track

We had custom taco uniforms, a full race track, drones and teams of crew capturing every moment. We built custom race tracks with branding and the influencers really loved it!


Barstool basement meets Shark Tank for Barstool’s Big Brain

Two giant sound stages for filming and holding made this job a really big undertaking. It was up to us to recreate the Boston home that started it all for Barstool. We painstakingly went over every detail to make sure we get some of the best elements in place.

Panel Of Judges for Barstool Big Brain

Barstool’s Big Brain was like Shark Tank but for big brain folks ready and willing to get in bed with Dave Portnoy and his fellow sharks, including John Taffer from Bar Rescue. We got through a staggering 50 presentations in a single 12 hour day. The set was built to make sure every angle worked and we would display everyone’s great ideas and inventions for the Big Brain judges.

Set Render for Barstool's Big Brain Show

It all came together great and despite the long day and the big set builds, we are super happy with how it all came out! It’s always fun to have source material like the origins of the Barstool legacy to build around and this was no exception.

Pirate Ship In an Office for Aspen Dental

One of our favorite clients is Aspen Dental. We do testimonails for them and their program where they help veterans by giving them free dental work and fix their smiles. It makes a world of difference and you can really feel the appreciation. Another fun thing we did for them was to approach the idea of “how do you make people who are afraid of the dentist less apprehesive?” The answer we found…to turn the dentist office into a Pirate Ship!

Aspen Dental Pirate Ship Office

We snuck in early to an Aspen Dental location and built out an entire Pirate experience for our friends who don’t like the dentist. Nothing against Aspen Dental but who likes the dentist right? This was a great way to get people to lower their gaurd, meet their fears head on and get to enjoy the experience! One of our favorite shoots for sure.


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