The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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When producing corporate videos, it’s a good idea to have a script in place to improve the structure of the narrative. While video testimonials, event shoots, and certain other types of videos may be exceptions, most corporate videos will benefit from a script.


Start with a Video Brief

Prior to writing a video script, we typically work with our partner to complete a video brief. A video brief is a document that helps us determine the goals, audience and message for a video, along with other aspects relevant to the planning process. At ASL Productions, we customize the outline of our video briefs for each new project to ensure we’re focused only on the relevant points, and all the relevant points. There is no “one size fits all” at ASL—we avoid standardized brief outlines to keep ourselves results-oriented.

Turn a Company Message into a Narrative

Once we’ve completed a video brief, we have established one or more key messages our partner wants to communicate. Next, we convert these messages into a coherent, simple story for the script to follow. Conveying the correct message is just half the battle. The other half is determining how to convey that message. The narrative will bridge the gap between our message and audience, creating an engaging, worthwhile viewing experience that inspires action.

We keep our stories clear and simple because attention spans are short, and we want to ensure our end-goal is achieved. We stay focused on our core message throughout the process of developing a narrative. Every aspect of our story must connect back to that message while flowing with coherency, which is critical for keeping the audience engaged to the end of the piece, and into action.

Establish Clear Communication with Your Audience

An important component of any marketing piece, especially scripted videos, is the “voice” or “tone” of the piece. It is important to speak the language of the intended audience. During the process of developing a script, we put ourselves “in our audience’s shoes” and work to understand the intended audience’s perspective and interests.

We also seek to keep the tone of most videos conversational and natural, regardless of their subject matter. Except in specific circumstances, unnecessary jargon can alienate portions of the audience and skew the tone of a video. Avoiding esoteric jargon helps keep us aligned with our desired tone and voice.

Keep the Script Short and Succinct

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Conciseness is important in every communication, and exceedingly so in marketing communications. The majority of marketing videos are now produced for online distribution, whether through a brand’s website, social media or otherwise. At ASL Productions, we recommend that videos for online distribution run no longer than two minutes, with 90 seconds being our sweet spot. To that end, our scripts contain no fluff. Every word matters, so we edit our scripts until we’ve honed them into short, clear, concise stories.

Read Through the Script Multiple Times

Once we have a working draft of a script, we have multiple people read it through, preferably aloud, to make sure it reads and sounds natural. Tone does not always come across in writing, so these final script reviews are critical to making sure that any person who reads the script sounds as intended. Reading scripts aloud is also beneficial in confirming the ultimate length of a video.

As with all our work at ASL Productions, we write scripts to create an emotional connection between brands and their audiences. The foregoing process helps ensure we stay fresh on every project, never reusing material or resting on our laurels, so our scripts are actually effective. If you have questions about how you can ensure your next scripted video project is effective, contact ASL today!


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