Influencer Marketing Agency and ASL Studios: Why We Were the Perfect Partner for a Last-Minute Video Podcast in NYC

We recently got a call on a Friday afternoon from a top Influencer Marketing Agency. They needed to film a podcast in NYC the following two days with a video agency. Fast forward 12 hours to Saturday, and we’re rolling not only on a video podcast in a custom lighting setup, but also knocking out great content in Studio One with direct to camera interviews.

This is why we were the perfect partner to help elevate and deliver their social media video production!


Ready at a moment’s notice


One of the best benefits of our new production studio is that it’s a live/work space. It’s a small price to pay for the commercial studio of our dreams. Okay we don’t actually live here but we work here and are here A LOT.  That means when we get a call on a Friday, we can immediately start setting up and making sure our clients like what they see…before they even walk in the door the day of their shoot.

At this point we hadn’t even broached the idea of even more content in Studio One (see more on that later), but we were able to get 90% of the video podcast space ready to go even as we were finalizing the deal that afternoon.

Turnkey Video Podcast Studio

Easy Video Podcast with lots of lighting options


White Glove Video Production Experience for Influencer Agency

ASL Studios is the NYC hub for ASL Productions, a Video Production Company that has been servicing the Tristate, the United States and the globe for over 15 years. We built ASL Studios to be the place we wanted to work out of. Because of our experienced Producers and the ASL Team we are able to go above and beyond what you can typically find at a studio location.


Video Podcast Studio Midtown

Turnkey Video Podcast Solution blocks from Penn Station.


We love when our clients can walk in, see everything set up, do what they need to and walk out the door, making their trip as simple as possible at every stage. Of course, everyone is always welcome to hang out and have a beer when we wrap too!


For this client with a next day shoot we were able to handle camera, lighting, crew and coffee.


When it comes to content: More = Better!


As soon as we heard about the Midtown West Video Podcast, we got to work and were ready by the end of day Friday, just hours after getting the call. When the client walked in and saw Studio One though, they had some ideas. Custom lighting. Direct to camera addresses and 2-3 person interviews against custom color backdrops…..



Full color Cyc for quick changes and big creative

any color with our 15 light full RGB Pr-Lit Cyc.


And we said “GREAT!”. We grabbed the camera and some lavs, turned on the control room and before you knew it, we had a custom look ready to go in Studio One! These ended up being a lot of fun and we doubled the amount of content they were able to put out at a moment’s notice.


Feeling Blue? not these two

Full color backgrounds with RGB lights are tons of fun.


If that wasn’t enough, our entire space became a content playground with fun viral mobile videos being taken around the office. We especially love the ones below since we were such big Cool Runnings fans! Perfect for an influencer marketing agency to come create content.

The best tech for an influencer marketing agency production day

One of the reasons we were able to move so quickly day of and create custom looks with a small crew is because of all the fun tech we put into ASL Studios.

Studio One has a pre-lit, full RGB, DMX controlled lighting grid. That means we can change every color, the cyc, the intensity and just about anything else with a quick trip to the tablet on the wall. It also means we can save our looks, so next time our new favorite Influencer Marketing Agency comes back, we can replicate the same setups they had last time without a moment’s delay.

Cool Runnings 30th Anniversary

Cool Runnings cast comes to ASL Productions in Midtown.

We also piped in all cameras and audio to our state-of-the-art control room where we could get live feeds up around the office. Our clients loved being able to relax in the VIP greenroom or the common space and be able to watch and listen to everything going on from set! The Influencer Marketing Agency loved the setup and we think you would too.

Client Viewing

Options all of the 7,500 sq ft studio space in Client Viewing across the office.

How can we enhance your next podcast, photography or video shoot? Email us today and find out.

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