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As summer comes to an and and we mentally prepare to wear long sleeve shirts and drink hot coffee, we hope a recap of some of our recent projects provides a little pick me up.

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ASL recently collaborated with Dentsu’s, McGarry Bowen agency and Intel to tell the story of Intel’s Deep Fake recognition technology.

A Deep Fake is audio or video that sounds and appears to be one person but is actually someone else pretending to be that person. The technology is so good that it has become increasingly difficult to tell if these audio and video recordings are real or fake, hence the need for the recognition technology.

The project was based in Los Angeles and ASL put together an 18-person crew that included art directing the space into three unique sets to feel like an Intel lab for detection, as well as a space someone could be filming deep fake content. Our director Kevin Osgood had a lot of fun in the final hour of filming, experimenting with lighting effects to give off artistic, futuristic and high-tech vibes.

Keep an eye out on Intel’s social media for the final video but for now check out some BTS above from our set in LA.

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We were able to work with Hager Sharp and the CDC again this month on their Hear Her video series. We’ve had shoots for the Hear her project in New York City and Utah thus far. For this shoot we sourced a brownstone in Brooklyn as our location to interview a woman in postpartum and discussed her labor story and how when she voiced her symptoms of preeclampsia, they largely fell on deaf ears. Our crew of eight lit and filmed our subject while our clients watched on a remote feed connected to our cameras. The Hear Her series is aiming to bring attention to issues such as postpartum preeclampsia and help patients and doctors communicate better throughout the labor and postpartum process.

We have one more shoot in this series on the books for next month in Atlanta, Georgia so stay tuned to Hear more from Her.

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ASL also ventured to Orlando recently to cover RSM’s presence at the ALPFA convention. ASL helps produce RSM’s “Power of Being You” video contest that takes place during the conventions career fair. We film over 30 contestants about what interests them both personally and in the accounting profession. Within 24 hours ASL creates a montage video of the best moments from all the contestants as well as editing a contest winner video. The videos air at a banquet the following day and the winning selection receives a $2,000 scholarship from RSM.

In addition to the contest we interview RSM employees about the company’s culture and commitment to Culture, Diversity and Inclusion as well as gather b-roll of all the exciting activities and workshops that take place.

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Recently, ASL got the chance to work on a truly unique project. IMG/Endeavour brought us in to work on a promotional video for Hall Des Lumieres; digital art exhibition, “Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion.” ASL has been documenting the transformation of what was an Emigrant Savings Bank at 49 Chambers street into the Hall Des Lumieres for over a year. Recently, over the course of three overnight shoots we brought a cast together and got a sneak peak at the amazing finished product.

The spots will air online and on TV and PBS but there’s nothing like experiencing it in person so we highly recommend you check out Hall Des Lumieres when it opens September 17th.

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Stay tuned for our next update so we can fill you in on Heaven Week with Bacardi in Louisville, filming infrastructure safety measure with Constellation Energy and promotional videos for the Haven School.


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