New Year, New Projects, Same Hustle

We hope your year is off to a great start. We’ve had a full plate thus far with virtual producing, ship-a-kit production, in person filming with proper Covid compliance and lots of post-production. We’re always pushing ourselves to create new and better video content for our partners while overcoming the challenges that are out there. Time to fill you in on our latest adventures.

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remote video oversight

We recently started a campaign with the Havas Health Agency  interviewing doctors and key opinion leaders (KOL’s) across the country for testimonials about a prescription drug called Dupixent. Havas understood that their interview subjects had to avoid crew members because of the COVID risk so they took advantage of ASL’s Remote Production Ship-a-Kit offering. 

The all-in-one kits come with a camera, bi-colored lighting, audio and a teleprompter upon request, as well. The best part is we have full remote control access and can log in from anywhere to adjust lighting and focus, with clients able to watch and give their input all along the way.

Havas has sent our ship-a-kits all over the country from small cities in Oregon and Iowa to New York, Dallas and Los Angeles. In post-production, we are editing the interviews and creating animated illustrations to highlight the impact of Dupixent. The ship-a-kits are an incredible way to get contact free video at the highest production value. Contact us today to see how our Remote Production Ship-a-Kit can work for your next contact free video project. 

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studio video shoot

Barstool kept us busy in 2020 and that trend has continued in the new year. We recently helped them produce a commercial for New Amsterdam Vodka. For this shoot, we sourced a motion control camera system called a Gazelle. The Gazelle is a robotic camera system with a six foot boom arm that allows consistent movement and provides the ability for exact match cuts and key framing in post-production. We used the Gazelle on a 16 foot track, in conjunction with our ARRI Alexa Mini camera package for gorgeous visuals.

The creative for this commercial required match cuts moving from each of the 9 different sets we had to build and break down over a three day period. We had to cast 19 different actors for the spot including our very own producer Ben Grody, who had to step in as an emergency actor replacement. Can you spot him?

The commercial is airing during NHL games so keep an eye out for it when you’re watching your favorite team on the ice. You can also take a look above.

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remote video village

ASL has been working with Thermo Fisher over the last few months, producing interviews for their COVID testing initiative. Thermo has on-site testing labs across the country including at Hampton University and Norfolk State University.

We’ve been interviewing Thermo employees and representatives from six different markets, supplying a high quality crew at each location, with an ASL producer remotely over-seeing each and every shot on Zoom. The videos are going to be part of Thermo Fisher’s annual conference and we’re also submitting one of the videos for Telly Award consideration. Wish us luck and take a look at some bts pics above.

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remote video producer

Another shoot this past month took us (virtually) to Portland, Oregon. We partnered with Sociality Squared to produce a remote photo and video shoot for Vnlla, a vanilla extract company that sustainably sources their vanilla beans. ASL set up two Zooms, one for photo and one for video, and had a producer on each feed overseeing the productions. We also sourced a kitchen location and crew in the Portland area for the shoot that took place over one day.

We photographed two chefs and three desserts they created using the Vnlla brand extract along with the Vnlla product line of five separate flavors. We were also tasked with filming video interviews with each chef along with bts footage and beauty shots of the final desserts.

The photos and videos are in post-production right now and one look at them will leave you hungry for more.

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animation editor

ASL long time partner, ADP came calling with another project. We were tasked to created animated videos showing the benefits of ADP’s Next Gen HCM. Their app is an extremely useful tool for large business organizations to manage their employees, make insights off of data and streamline the communication process between employees and managers.

The video does an excellent job of clearly communicating the benefits and possibilities of the software and we’re excited for ADP’s new potential clients to see how it can transform their businesses. Have a video sales need? We’d love to discuss how we can help you produce content that gets results. 

Screen Shot 2018 06 11 at 3.54.59 PM

Next month we will have much more to share including post production with American Express and Cox Automotive and a really fun series with Barstool Sports called, “Surviving Barstool.” Follow our LinkedIn and Instagram for the latest of what we’re up to each and every day. 

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