The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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It’s been a busy fall, so busy in fact, that we’re a little late in sending out this email.

Some of the things keeping us occupied include football season with Barstool Sports and filming all over the country for corporate and agency clients with remote video viewing which allows them to watch directly from the comfort of their homes.

We’ve also made some big purchases, including a Tricaster TC1 system. The Tricaster allows us to produce multi-camera, livestream productions of the highest standard. We’ve also purchased two Arri Sky Panel S60s along with Quasar lights and a whole lot of new grip and stands.

And without further adieu:

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Screen Shot 2020 10 19 at 2.10.44 PM

Everyday Barstool churns out over one hundred original content pieces between videos, podcasts, Sirius radio and blogs. And now, with the return of sports, plus the launch of the Barstool Sports Book App, the content needs are even greater. 

For the past two years, ASL has worked on set design, lighting and overall production of two fall series, Barstool Sports Advisors and their Norelco College Football Show.

This year, we received our biggest ask yet as Barstool signed Deion Sanders (Prime Time) and launched “The Pro Football Show.” Due to Deion’s extremely busy schedule (he has also been hired as the head coach of the Jackson State football team), the show is taping in both NY and Deion’s home, outside of Dallas. For ASL, that meant two additional sets to design, build and light, plus another show that would require a control room to record program and iso feeds from each camera, each taping. This is where our recent Tricaster purchase has come in and we’re excited to turn it into a Flypack and expand our use of it in the months and years to come.

Screen Shot 2018 06 11 at 3 54 59 PM 1024x40 1024x40 1
Screen Shot 2020 10 19 at 2.14.20 PM

A new client, Defender Care, hired us to help create a commercial touting the benefits of their on demand IT and security services.

This was a fast turnaround project, with just a week to get our ducks in a row before filming and then two weeks to get a :60, :30 and :15 second versions of the spot created, approved and finished to spec for TV.

We filmed on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and provided full crew and equipment including camera and audio operators, a gaffer and production assistant.

The commercial (see above), features a mock zoom call between father and son speaking about the computer issues that the father was having. Additionally, a spokesperson was cast to provide more information. We managed to turn the one apartment into three different set looks and the client was so happy with the result, they asked us to film an additional spot just two weeks later.

Screen Shot 2018 06 11 at 3 54 59 PM 1024x40 1024x40 1
Screen Shot 2020 10 19 at 2.16.31 PM

Sparta Systems teamed up with us again to update their recruiting video. We went to their Dallas, TX and Hamilton, NJ offices to interview some of their key personnel. We originally shot a recruiting video for Sparta in 2016 but as their quality management software has developed, the need for a new recruiting video did as well. 

This shoot was another one that utilized our remote viewing capabilities as their team was watching exactly what our production camera was filming over Zoom. Interview questions focused on the inclusive culture and savvy executive team that has propelled Sparta Systems to be a leader in their field.

Recruiting videos are one of our specialties so don’t hesitate to reach out if your company needs one!

Screen Shot 2018 06 11 at 3 54 59 PM 1024x40 1024x40 1
Screen Shot 2020 10 19 at 2.17.41 PM

Bombay Gin’s “Most Imaginative Bartender” has officially launched! 

If you remember from last month’s update, we filmed in 12 different cities, capturing the creative activities that bartenders all over North America, do outside of their daily job behind the bar. 

Organizing the logistics of the 12 different shoots, all with remote viewing, was no easy task but the empowering and creative stories told made it all worth it.

Take a look at the first video above and engage on social media as more videos are released!

Screen Shot 2018 06 11 at 3 54 59 PM 1024x40 1024x40 1

While the aforementioned may seem like a lot, there’s plenty of projects we didn’t even mention. Stay tuned to hear how we put together five comedy spots for Abbott’s Freestyle Libre diabetes monitor, interviewed Avon executives for National Breast Cancer Awareness month, assisted Hand and Stone with upgrading in-house live-streaming capabilities and more!

No matter how busy we are, don’t hesitate to reach out for any video projects you need or even just to get more details on ones we’ve already mentioned.


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