Different video strategies require different videos. Across the Internet, new videos are dotting up in just about every industry imaginable. E-commerce companies are utilizing sharp, informative videos to sell their product. Software services are turning to video tutorials to ease their users into their new programs. Consumer brands are constantly reinventing themselves and developing their visual identity. If you have an audience, your company can always benefit from a video marketing strategy.

Each video serves its own function so pinpointing that function is a good start. But taking that function and implementing a strategy to develop a video to serve its ultimate purpose is where production experts come into play.

Company videos come in all lengths, uses, and varieties. Explainers, animations, testimonials, company culture videos and others all have their time of use. Knowing when to use each, how to use them to inspire audiences and how to stand out from the crowd comes down to a carefully structured plan that all starts with an idea.

What type of video is best for your company?

In the end, only you know what’s best for your company. But, the different videos being made by companies can lead you to ask questions that you may not have broached. Start with the obvious: What does our company offer? How is our product or service best visualized? Who is our audience? Where are they most accessible?

Knowing Your Audience

Many videos audience either consists of current and/or future employees. In that case, your video will likely take the shape of a recruiting or company culture video, or a safety and training video. Messaging is key here, seeing that you want to deliver clear, objective information to your audience. Before heading into production, you want a tight script and structured production schedule. This is true, especially if you’re using your own employees and office space.

Videos for outside audiences get a little more complicated. While explainers, sales videos,  testimonials, event videos, and product and software videos all fit into a general marketing strategy, their approaches are all more specific. So keep in mind what your audiences want to see, and how much information they really need right now. Explainer videos and product videos often rely on snippy, digestible facts and clean animation to lay out their ideas. While testimonial videos turn to in depth user experiences to gain the audience’s trust. Either way you turn, your vision fits in the forefront and capturing that relies on a focused strategy.

When it comes to producing more event-oriented videos, such as panel videos, conference sizzles, and interview coverage, you need to account for the unpredictability factor.

Nevertheless, these videos can often best capture a sense of energy and spontaneity that looks great on screen.

company video audience

Company Videos Are More Than a One-Off Deal

Sometimes, actually a lot of times, your company video strategy will require multiple videos. But if the central questions are in place, the decisions should come easily. Next, it’s a matter of getting your ideas across to inspire the right kind of action.

Taking Inspiration from Other Videos

There’s a lot that can be learned from studying other videos and breaking down their approach. Taking certain storytelling cues is a good basis for building your own compelling message. But no matter the video’s style that you pull from, ask yourself, “What stands out about the video? Which personalities work, which don’t? Do the stylistic choices suit the message? How can your unique story use it as inspiration?

These reference points come in handy through every point of the production process. Producers, crew members and editors are all juggling their own ideas, so communicating clearly what stylistic choices you want to use can save a lot of potential issues later on.

Above all, it’s probably worth noting that the creative process always changes. Keep a notepad, or running list of ideas for inspiration. If not for this current video, you may find it useful for the next.

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Standing Out from the Crowd

Note what catches your eye about those videos because the next step involves putting your own spin on it.  How do your services differ? How does your company stand out as you see it? What type of promotional strategy conveys this unique perspective?

Social media platforms have offered a 24/7 content channel to video creators and companies alike. Even YouTube and its competitors have built intuitive infrastructures for videos to live with real-time tracking data. This lets companies get the most out of their video content but with demand for video content increasing by the day, there’s no better time to be creating video content for your company. But once you nailed your video production, how can you promote your videos without them getting lost in the sea of content spanning the Internet?

Knowing Where Your Video Will Live

Keeping your company videos visible on your digital real estate is the first way to ensure a consistent audience. Whether it’s on your homepage or a video platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Vidyard, video hosts all offer their own security features and metrics to maximize your video’s lifespan.

Repurposing Your Content

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One video isn’t even enough. But even if your budget restricts you from endless hours of shooting, social media cuts of 15, 30 and 60 seconds are a great way to spread out your content, and show audiences the snappy gist of your video.

Getting Your Video Out There

We can’t stress how important the word “share” is when it comes to promoting your video content. And were not just taking about showing your mom you’re in a video. Email blasts, social media stories, comments and hyperlinks are all fancy ways of saying the same thing: getting eyes on your video requires maintaining an interactive relationship with your audience.

Getting Started

Now that you know the potential out there for video content—it’s time to get thinking. So ask yourself again: What are we trying to communicate to our audiences? How can we make it look amazing? How can we get this production started?

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