The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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With shoots in Nashville, D.C, and all over the tri-state area, we’ve been busy telling stories, capturing events, and getting creative with some of our newest toys.

Before fall breaks out in full-swing, we’ll catch you up on our latest adventures here at ASL!

recruiting video

Recruiting Video With Billtrust

We’ve had a great relationship with our friends over at Billtrust for years now. Just last year, they opened their brand new state of the art headquarters in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. With their new digs and growing staff, they needed a new corporate recruiting video to highlight their amazing work, along with their great benefits and company values.

Our crew filmed eight staff interviews with a diverse set of employees throughout the company. While the interviews were being filmed against a white backdrop, we utilized our Ronin gimbals to shoot B-roll around the office, capturing the collaborative spirit of Billtrust’s culture.

event video

From Nashville to D.C. with RSM

This month, our team was especially busy with conferences in Nashville for ALPFA and in Washington D.C. for Ascend. As a major advocate of in cultural diversity in the workplace, RSM sponsors a series of conferences throughout the country.

Our event coverage at the four-day conferences ran on a tight schedule. With panel talks in the mornings, speakers and lecturers in the afternoon and banquets in the evening. Each conference featured a career fair, and we held things down in RSM’s booth, shooting interviews with attendees and delivering them to RSM by the fair’s end. The turnaround on these projects is quick, and our team brought extra hustle to make it all happen.

RSM’s commitment to an inclusive culture and diverse field of talent is widely admired across the industry. So, getting to experience that first hand, while meeting RSM employees from around the globe, was an inspiring experience for all.

live studio video

Barstool College Football

Barstool Sports churns out content 24/7. This month was no different. Our set department was busy building, lighting and decorating the studio for Barstool’s College Football Show, presented by Phillips Norelco.

Elsewhere, our team provided a crew them for College Football Halftime features in Athens (GA) and Boulder (CO). We even headed to a Manhattan Hooters to shoot an upcoming branded content piece. Keep an eye out for more projects as football season kicks into high gear.

video interview

Interviews with Nielsen and Reonomy

Interviews are just one of our specialties at ASL. This month we headed to Midtown to shoot interviews for several of our local clients, Reonomy and Nielsen.

With Reonomy, a real estate data software service we shot testimonial interviews with the Vice Chairman of real estate giant Jones, Lang, Lasalle. He shared his unique experiences with Reonomy’s platform while we captured the story of how Reonomy has made his job easier.

Nielsen’s Catalina Solutions has been a leader in marketing data analytics for a decade now. We sat down with NCS’ innovators and discussed future trends in marketing analytics. Their depth of knowledge and experience showed through, and even taught us a thing or two about where the industry is headed.

Our cameras are always rolling at ASL! So stay tuned for more of our vibrant video projects.

Need video production support? We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can bring your vision to life!


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