Virtual Producing With BIG CLIENTS In 2022

We hope the start of your 2022 has been as safe, busy and fun as ours. Virtual shoots have played a large roll at the start of our year and we can’t wait to tell you about them. So let’s get right to it!

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virtual video production

ASL teamed up with long time partner, NCSolutions to produce their virtual sales kickoff meeting. The two day conference which hosted 180 people, included 10 pre-recorded virtual sessions from NCSolutions leadership. 

Another part of our responsibilities were live switching presentations and graphics during the conference that coincided with some of the presentations. We had a complete tech run through with all key players one day before the conference to make sure we were prepared for any possible scenarios.

All in all, the NCSolutions Sales Kickoff meeting was a big success and we can’t wait to produce the 2023 version next year!

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video production boradway

ASL stepped into the world of Broadway as we partnered with the American Theater Wing to film rehearsals of Phantom of the Opera. The footage is going to be used as part of a campaign to announce the return of Broadway from Covid-19 related closures. 

Our camera operator used a Canon C300ii to roam around the rehearsal space to capture multiple angles of the production and all principle characters of the legendary show. This is the fifth shoot we have collaborated with ATW on and every time we feel as if the world of video production and Broadway crossover to each other just a bit.

Keep an eye our for the Phantom rehearsal footage in marketing materials for the American Theater Wing.

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HCM video

ADP, ASL’s long time partner brought us on to help create a series of videos called Lead True. Lead True is ADP’s Next Gen approach to providing digestible and transparent data to allow their clients to make confident decisions.

ADP Team Members across departments were virtually brought together share their vision for the future of ADP through their Lead True program. ASL produced all of these virtual shoots and animated the graphic pages and transitions used throughout the presentation.

Our ship-a-kit camera package was used to film a scripted speech for one ADP executive. Our ship-a-kit is an all in one camera, lighting, audio and teleprompter controlled by a technician off site. This upgraded package provides elevated production value without compromising any Covid safety.

We are always impressed with how ADP strives to improve HCM technology for their clients and will continue to support them with all of their video needs. 

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More shoots with ADP, Hudson Valley Scoliosis Clinic and a video with a new West Coast partner, Gorilla Creative in our next newsletter. So stay tuned!

Feel free to drop us a line and be sure to follow our LinkedIn and Instagram for the latest of what we’re up to each and every day.

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