ASL Provides Full Remote Viewing/Producing Capabilities

ASL Has Produced Over 50 Remote Video Productions Since COVID-19 Changed Our World In March

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ASL Productions is a trusted leader in remote video productions. We have full remote filming, directing and viewing capabilities through Zoom or other online meeting platforms. Our fully remote access allows our clients to have complete creative control over their video productions without having to be on site. 

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ASL can also provide a contactless video solution that is 100% remote with minimal, easy set up. Our ship-kits are sent directly to talent and offer complete production control from camera focus to lighting to capture. With the kit comes a dedicated remote producer that can walk talent through set up and has complete, remote control over equipment functionality.

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Your Go-To Production Company for Expert Remote Video Production, Operating and Direction

With or without onsite operators, our remote video village allows clients to:

  • Film with ZERO contact from operators or crew with our Ship-kits
  • Communicate directly with operators or talent on site
  • Have access and approval of all camera framing/angles
  • Direct the shoot from your home or office
  • Provide instant feedback to director, DP or talent

Our remote ship-kits and video village is available Nationwide!

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