The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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We have a lot to go over and don’t want to keep you from yoga in the park, so let’s get right to it!

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We continued our Intel “Behind The Brains” series from 2020, this time interviewing Lama Nachman about her work with anticipatory computing. ASL traveled to San Francisco to interview Nachman, Director of Human and AI Systems Research at Intel Labs.

Anticipatory computing interprets meaning from gestures and Nachman is a leader in this field. To demonstrate how anticipatory computing works, ASL hired actors to perform facial movements that we heightened by using vignettes and lighting that projected cool tones such as purples and blues highlighted with warmer yellows and oranges. Look out for these videos on Intel’s LinkedIn and Youtube pages. We can’t wait to share them!

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Barstool Sports brought us on to help them produce their first ever Pink Whitney Cup tournament. The PWC took place at an outdoor ice rink at the Essex Hunt Club in Peapack, NJ and featured elite women’s hockey players, Barstool bloggers, clients, and celebrities. 4 “coaches” drafted their teams to start the day and then the action began.  In addition to the games, we also put together a skills competition with hardest shot, accuracy and trick shot contests.

ASL was all over the ice providing equipment and crew for the 8-camera shoot with 12 players mic’d up each game. In addition to props and backup hockey equipment, we provided the draft stage and created the inaugural trophy for the winning team. Check out the whole series of episodes that were created from the event by clicking the picture above.

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American Express came calling with three post-production projects in recent weeks. We created two animated videos for their instant virtual credit card. One video explained the process of signing up and approval, and the other highlighted how the virtual card can be used in the real world. The third video we created for Amex was a sizzle video for their Network Partner Solutions campaign.  Branding agency Sarancko assisted us with the project, providing storyboards that we brought to life with stock footage, graphics and animation to make it shine.

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Well, we can now add jingle commercials to our portfolio.  Barstool kept us busy with another big project, this time in Atlanta, Georgia. ASL was tasked with designing and creating a living room set in the middle of a Hooters Restaurant. Our crew came in after hours, built and lit the entire set and assisted production.  By the time Hooters reopened for lunch service, we were out the door, content in hand. In case you missed it, check out the finished spot here – 

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There will be more exciting projects coming next month as we spend lots of time in Florida and Texas on multiple projects exploring the outdoors and the outdoorsman who likes a strong cocktail. 

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