“We want to continue our video marketing strategy campaign but how can we with social distancing in place?” It’s a question we are getting over and over again from our clients. The answer is simple. Repurpose video content to create new video assets.

With the country unable to gather in groups for video productions, or anything else for that matter, more and more companies are struggling to keep up with their video marketing strategy. COVID-19 has thrown their plans completely thrown out the window. There are shoots on the calendar that simply can not be executed. The are creative briefs approved that can not be acted upon. Videos in the pre-production stage that took time and energy to get off the ground, well, can’t get off the ground.

We have to face facts in this new world. For the immediate future, there will be no new videos going into production. A socially distanced, on-site video production is an almost impossible task. When you factor in crew, talent and clients, there are too many people interacting too close together in too small of a space. So what can you do to salvage your video marketing plan? Well, repurpose your previously filmed video content, of course.

Last Year’s Event is This Year’s Content

Obviously, your annual event scheduled for April or May of 2020 is no longer happening. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t create video content related to the event. You want to keep the event top of mind and create a reminder as to why they were planning to attend your event in the first place.

Now, if you have a video marketing strategy in place, we can assume you created a video from last year’s event. Thats all well and good but how many assets did you create? Was there cut down versions for social media? How about a video highlighting the keynote speaker or someone from you C-Suite? These are both simple ideas that can get your video in front of your audience and create entire new assets.

If interview soundbites were the driving force behind the story of your video, there are probably a lot more sound bites and footage that ended up on the cutting room floor. Footage that was originally left out of your video can be used to create a testimonial video. Either for your company or the event itself. There may even be enough unused footage to create a completely separate campaign highlighting a different aspect of your business.

C Suite Addresses Used Again

CEO or other C Suite addresses are treasure troves for sound bites and video clips. In every investor update or state of the company address there are sure to be statements on the values and goals of your company. Because of the positive nature of these videos, a skilled editor should be able to piece together soundbites and use broll footage, if necessary, to create a morale boosting new video.

Previous video messages from your C-Suite can also be used to supplement new videos containing user generated content (UGC) or videos using stock footage (stay tuned for articles about those). You can repurpose video content or sound bites from a past video to increase the production value of UGC and videos that are heavy on stock footage.

Encouraging words from your C-Suite are not only morale boosters but can add substantial value as stand alone content or in addition to other videos.

repurpose video content

Previous Video Campaigns Reborn

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, your old video campaign can be revived to serve as a new video campaign. Just because you used a video in a marketing campaign a few years back doesn’t meant that you can’t use that same footage again.

Recently a client of ours came to us looking to repurpose a recruiting video we produced several years ago. We had a series of videos, featuring their employees, that we cut for them. Our new deliverables ended up using portions of the repurposed footage with new graphics and messaging.

The videos look and feel brand new because the soundbites were rearranged to tell a different story. The updated graphics gave the videos a refreshed look and connected with their current branding.

You Don’t Have Break The Bank to Repurpose Video Content

OK so here is one of the best parts about using repurposed video content in your current marketing campaign. You don’t have to pay for a new video production! The only costs that you incur are those related to the creative concept and post production. And if your previous post production was done by a stellar corporate video production company, like ASL Productions, the assets will already be organized. This will cut down on your edit time. The longest and most tedious parts of post production are searching through footage and that organization.

With so many possibilities to repurpose video content and create new video assets, there is no reason to put a halt to your current video marketing campaign.

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