The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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It’s the email you’ve all been waiting for, our monthly recap!


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One of our hallmarks at ASL is our nationwide reach, and ability to provide crews and take on shoots all over the country and internationally. In May, ASL teamed up with Aspen Dental on a production in Augusta, Georgia. We profiled a Vietnam veteran who needed some new pearly whites for his 50 year high school reunion, and Aspen Dental made it happen. For production services on this shoot, we called on our sprinter van from the ASL South Florida office and loaded it up with Arri SkyPanels and a DJI Inspire Drone.  The video should be launching on Aspen’s Facebook page soon so stay tuned!



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This bts video provides a look at our ASL crew capturing the buses leaving for their morning routes to get kids to school. 


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When one of our clients requested a crew in Hartford, Connecticut, we provided exactly what they needed. We filmed at a local transportation company and heard about how Daimler financing has helped them build their fleet of buses from 20 to over 350. The behind the scenes pictures and video above will give you a peak at how their operation works.

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ASL was a part of Walgreen’s Red Nose Day, which asked its customers to donate a dollar to help fight child poverty. In exchange for the dollar, Walgreen’s gives a red, clown nose to promote the charitable cause. We filmed executives and employees of the drug store chain, at the Port Authority location, as a congratulations for raising over $20 million during the 2018 campaign.


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Our promo video for Fluff AR’s Exotic Car Show at The Mansion at Glen Cove

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Other projects from ASL last month included interviewing architect, Dennis Poon, who designed the Shanghai Tower, creating a promotional video for an augmented reality company’s exotic car show and making two separate trips to the Finastra office in Mid-town, Manhattan. The first for a testimonial interview and the second to film an employee in front of a green screen for an internal motivational video.


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Tune in next month to get all the behind the scenes nuggets from conference coverage for Nielsen, RSM, Healix Global and Tapscott and much more!


Until then, #LoveYourContent

– Adam


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