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At ASL, we help big companies communicate big ideas everyday. Just ask all of the CEO’s and executives we’ve been working with this month. We know getting through to your team can be a challenge.

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At The Hudson Valley Scoliosis Center, ASL spoke with Dr Strauss who shared how his Scoliosis treatments can be life-changing. We made sure to capture these profound messages of hope with our Sigma Prime lenses in order to shine the brightest light on his work. 

We covered Dr Strauss’s complete approach to Scoliosis therapy, including an inspirational direct to camera patient testimonial. 

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ASL collaborated with a new partner, filming a direct to camera overlooking Manhattan. We filmed the CEO of Axonius, Dean Sysman and used our Sony FX3, 4k camera to shoot a bold and bright video that illuminated his exciting million-dollar milestone announcement.

We provided a teleprompter, which allowed Dean to deliver his announcement easily and confidently all while he kept eye contact with his audience.

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Even for a quick message to your team, having a custom look can make all the difference. In our shoot with Gorilla Creative, we filmed the CEO of, software company, Okta using our S60 Sky Panels, MYTWorks slider, and Ronin Gimbal to provide a dynamic feel that mirrored the progressive culture of the company.

Additionally, we were also able to provide a live stream to the shoot for our producing partners in California.

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Executives and CEO’s at ADP presented their innovative ideas in captivating  direct to camera videos all across the country. From Alpharetta, GA to Chesterfield, MO and right back to New York City, ASL was there to work with the minds behind ADP’s newest technology initiative. 

Our Direct to Camera videos give you the perfect way to show the world all of good your company can do. 

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So much more on the horizon to share with you. We have more projects with ADP, remote livestreams with our partner Near and we’re capturing BIG changes at 49 Chambers Street. 

Feel free to drop us a line and be sure to follow our LinkedIn and Instagram for the latest of what we’re up to each and every day.


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