The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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Since 2019, we’ve been working hand in hand with social media agency Attention Global and their client, Abbott Laboratories, promoting the many wonders of Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 14-day glucose monitoring system. We’ve had all different types of productions with Abbott, from comedic spots (see above) to our first celebrity endorsement video this past month.

Our latest production for Abbott was with NBA legend, Ray Allen whose son Walker uses the product. This shoot was a first for us in many ways. Ray is a SAG actor, you may remember his performance as Jesus Shuttlesworth in the movie “He Got Game,” and with that added some extra layers for a successful shoot. This included having all crew tested and quarantined from time of test until arriving at the shoot, detailing a shoot social distance plan, and having all crew wear masks and face shields combined. Not only that, but with Walker being immune compromised the Allen’s requested to have as small a crew as possible and to top it all off there were multiple agencies with specific requests that needed to watch everything as it was happening from afar.

While it was a challenging shoot, we provided a diverse team of operators, able to capture the interview, photos, gimbal shots of Ray and his son playing basketball, all while having multiple agencies view and provide feedback of the footage as it happened. We’ll be excited to share the finished product when it posts to Facebook in the weeks ahead. 

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If you thought there was anything Barstool couldn’t do, you were wrong. ASL helped produce a cooking competition show in the vein of Top Chef and The Great British Bake Show called Feed Willie.

The competition centers around teams of two competing to see who can cook the best dish for former NFL player and host of Barstool Breakfast, Willie Colon. Sponsored by Kraken Spiced Rum, ASL created sponsor signage and Willie’s Kraken Throne from which he would judge each episode’s creations.

We also assisted with finding the right kitchen studio for the shoot and handled all aspects of production from set lighting to supplying the production camera and audio equipment and operators. In two action packed days, we captured 7 entertaining episodes. You can watch them by clicking the picture above.

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We were back at Be Electric Studios for another shoot this month. This time it was with Legacy Research Group. LRG provides insider tips and tools to invest in under the radar tech companies. Lead by Angel investor, Jeff Brown, we filmed two videos of Jeff and his co-hosts explaining the benefits of subscribing to his monthly newsletter. 

ASL secured the studio, built the sets, provided props and all of the operators and camera and lighting gear. We also provided a teleprompter and multiple monitors for our talent to be able to read their script within the proper eye line.

The shoot was a tremendous success and each two hour script was completed to the satisfaction of our clients. We even feel a little smarter about our tech investing after listening to Mr. Brown for a few hours. 

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Bacardi and Team Enterprises brought us on to create more video content for their Low ABV (alcohol by volume) line of beverages. These drinks such as Martini Rossi aperitivo, Grey Goose Essences and Plume and Petal help create delicious cocktails for any occasion.

These social media spots were filmed in Florida where we were tasked with providing crew, gear and location. We created a video for each low abv beverage and a portfolio video celebrating the different cocktail creations possible with the Bacardi line of spritzes.

These videos are a refreshing take on spritz cocktails and the final versions will make you thirsty for more content from Bacardi.

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While we had crews in Florida with Bacardi and in the kitchen with Barstool we also filmed a branded content open for Chevy and their sponsorship of Barstool’s Pro Football Football Show. We mounted cameras on the inside of the Chevy to capture the Barstool personalities and used a Scalca Stabiloid Rig on the outside of our production vehicle to capture scenics of the Chevy Silverado as it cruised around Manhattan. The final video really revved our engines!

A shoot with a new partner this month was “How to” videos with The Farmer’s Dog. The modern dog food company brought ASL in to film instructional videos on how to correctly and incorrectly pick up small and large dogs. We filmed multiple locations at their office in downtown Manhattan featuring their real employees and their dogs. You can fetch these final assets on the Farmer’s Dog social channels in the coming weeks.

We also produced a live awards show for Hand and Stone, where they honor many of their 500 spas for their accomplishments throughout the year. Lastly, we had a holiday themed photo and video campaign for Cazadores Tequila which we put together in record time. 

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Next month we have an Escape the Room production for Barstool sponsored by Bud Light Seltzer and a testimonial video captured over Zoom for CPG measurement company NCSolutions. Follow our LinkedIn and Instagram for the latest of what we’re up to each and every day. 


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