Why We Built a State-of-the-Art Production Studio In Midtown NYC




Time is everything in life and not wasting a second of yours was one of ASL’s top priorities when we created a brand new, state of the art production studio in NYC. Just steps from Madison Square Garden, Times Square and Penn Station in the heart of Midtown NYC. Saving you time all starts with the location and having that central meeting place no matter where your clients or crew are coming from.  That is why we chose this space on West 37th street just a few blocks from express trains that will transport you from any borough.


ASL Studios in the heart of Midtown NYC

And if you are coming by car from New Jersey or Long Island it’s also conveniently located near the Lincoln Tunnel and straight across from the cross town tunnel. Besides the convenience for locals we wanted our studio to be a destination for out of town shops as well. Adjacent to our facility are two hotels, so out of town productions can have the utmost convenience when they decide to create with us. We’re also in waking distance to lots of tourist attractions including Broadway, Radio City Music Hall, Times Square and Madison Square Garden.


Besides saving you time, we had a number of other objectives in mind for our new office.



ASL Studios Floor Plan

ASL Studios Floorplan. 7,500 Square Foot Full Floor Space.


One of our other favorite aspects of the 7,500 square foot space is having dedicated rooms for videography, photography and podcasting! With so many mediums out there, being able to diversify your content is more important than ever.  In our shop you can record a 1 hour podcast with guests, create interesting thumbnails or headshots in our photography studio and record an educational series in our main attraction a 25’ Wide, pre-lit white Cyc studio we call Studio One. It’s possible that in one, 5 hour shoot day with us, you can create social media content for your audience that will last months and months!





Cool Runnings filming at ASL Studios in NYC with a full light full color RBG cyc.

Cool Running At ASL Studios NYC


In order to move quickly you also need great tech and that’s where our state of the art control room comes into play.  With our Tricaster TC1 system we can switch and record multi-cam productions, live key greenscreen, and add graphics so you can walk out the door with polished footage in hand.

And everyone in production knows it all starts with lighting so we didn’t skimp there at all with 15 lights rigged up to our ceiling grid including 6 Arri Sky Panel S60s.  Each of the 15 lights can be separated and individually programmed, turned into any color desired, and feature 17 different effect characteristics all at the push of a button (or a couple buttons programmed by a talented lighting designer).

We also keep things moving fast with a full list of grip and electric equipment living in studio 2.  Dollies, sliders, jibs, and stands all on site for you and ready to work with.   We also have cameras and teleprompters at the ready at our production studio in nyc.


Video Podcast Studio with Zach Shallcross from The Bachelor.

The Bachelor himself Zach Shallcross comes by for a Video Podcast Session.


Lastly, the control room features a router that can send what’s being filmed in studio to flat screen TV monitors throughout the office so you can see what’s taking place and give feedback from a nice comfy couch (Oh yeah, we have lots of those too.)




Soundproof Video Studio for rent in Midtown West the heart of Midtown NYC.

True Soundproofed Video Studio.


But if you’re in the center of it all at a production studio in Midtown NYC it must be noisy right?  We’ve done everything we can to transport you to a noise free space so when you walk into our office you can focus solely on your creation and not outside distractions!  Our studios feature eight-inch-thick double walls, custom soundproof doors and windows and triple layer acoustic flooring.


Best in Class livestream control room at ASL Studios in Midtown NYC

Full control room can send everything from video feeds to Sunday Ticket to every room.


Our control room features double paned windows that look into both studios and work so well that you could be making a music video in Studio 1 without the audio seeping into Studio 2.  Plus there is built in speakers and talkback mics so you never need to leave the control room to communicate with crew or talent.

There’s just something about using the Talkback button in the studio to communicate with someone on the other side of double paned windows out of built in Voice of God speakers that just never gets old. You can even have productions going in both studios at once, without the noise impacting each other’s productions. Less ruined takes means shorter hours and better content. Yes please!




Great productions often need great art direction and set builds.  We have an amazing team for that as well. Our partners have created amazing sets both big (See the Real Housewives Reunion Sets below) and small.  Like us, they can scale to meet your budget and are very versatile. If you need a simple set for a pharmaceutical webinar or elaborate props for a crazy reality game show, we have the team that can bring it to life.


Real House Wives Live Production Designer

Our team of art and props are the best at what they do. Creating sets for Real Housewives, Barstool and many other clients.



At our core, what makes ASL Productions great is our ability to think about all the variables and solve potential problems ahead of time so your production runs smoothly. Now, we believe we’ve brought that know-how under one roof and developed an amazing place for creators to focus on what they do best, creating.  Come see for yourself next time you’re in need of a production studio or stop by when you’re in Midtown NYC!

In-House Feed Across the studio

Watch what’s going on no matter where you are. Spread out and enjoy out state of the art studio located blocks from MSG.

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