Being a full-service production company means offering whatever your client needs to get a great final video. Whether it’s bringing on a food stylist to liven up some plates, or a segway to capture the right tracking shot, we’re constantly raising the bar. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve brought to the table recently:


lighting food photography

Shooting videos and stills of the entire Barclays Center menu made for a busy, and rewarding day in Brooklyn.

Stadium food has come a long way from nachos and Coke. Brooklyn’s Barclays Center has brought together loads of BK’s finest to serve as food vendors for their events. Putting together a world-class menu requires top notch photos and videos to make the items pop. That’s where we came in.

Armed with our Aputure lighting system, a white backdrop, and some of our most talented photographers and videographers, we set off. With the help of a food stylist, we had a vast menu to work through in a single day. By day’s end, we’d shot brisket sandwiches, baja fish tacos, bao buns, and just about anything else you could imagine. Shooting food requires care and precision, as well as a dedicated team willing to do whatever it takes to make the food look as good as it tastes!


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Aveeno’s line of autumn-inspired oat masks set the stage for a fall-themed event for social media influencers.

It was only fitting that we spent the first crisp fall day covering a uniquely autumn-themed event on Governor’s Island. To celebrate the release of their new oat masks, Aveeno threw a one-of-a-kind event inside a spacious tent.

The event featured Aveeno’s principal scientist, who introduced the new products, and instructed influencers on the masks’ best uses.  ASL’s crew was running around catching the action from all angles. We brought out a segue+gimbal combo, as a part of our three camera package. Everyone  had a blast capturing the festive atmosphere of the windy October afternoon.



Our second year cover Making Strides Central Park brought out an even bigger crowd, and a more spirited team of walkers.

The American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Walk brings together communities to fundraise the fight against breast cancer. This October, friends, families and colleagues came together in Central Park to walk 4 miles to raise awareness and celebrate the hundreds of survivors that were in attendance.

The turnout was amazing, and our three-camera crew was busy interviewing breast cancer survivors, representatives from Avon, and organizers with the American Cancer Society. On top of that, we were getting a great workout filming walkers and all the other festivities that made for a special day in Central Park. We always love providing video for a great cause, and what Making Strides is doing for Breast Cancer Awareness is extremely inspiring!



We captured workshops, networking events and one-on-one interviews at Out & Equal DC.

RSM has long been a champion of diversity in the workplace. As a major sponsor of Cultural Diversity and Inclusion conferences throughout the country, they try to foster a welcoming climate in the accounting world.

This month, we sent our crew from New York, along with several local operators to cover the Out & Equal Conference in Washington D.C. Our two camera crew captured interviews, galas, and breakout sessions that were all edited together on a short timeline for an event sizzle reel.



The east side of Manhattan provided a gorgeous backdrop for our Reonomy interviews.

We’ve been working with Reonomy for years now. The software company has revolutionized the commercial real estate industry with their unrivaled property analysis. After their success through the Series D round of funding, they’re looking to catch up their investors on the company’s status. Our crew headed up to their Midtown Manhattan headquarters to tell their story.

To begin, we sat down with the CEO, and other C-level executives. They spoke on the company culture at Reonomy and the excitement for growth following a promising Series D. While our two cameras shot the interviews using a slider to add a cinematic effect, our other camera roved around their gorgeous 39th floor offices capturing some great b-roll on our Ronin-S.

Reonomy’s making some significant waves in the commercial real estate world, and we’re excited to be along for the ride, sharing their story.


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