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From East to West, ASL has your content needs covered! This fall has included shoots in Los Angeles, Memphis, North Carolina, down south and up the Eastern Seaboard. Here are some of the highlights. 

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ASL sent our in house director, Ben Grody to Los Angeles to oversee two testimonial videos filmed on back to back days for Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 2 diabetes sensor product. The shoots profiled two real life users of the product, punk rocker Poli Van Dam and TV personality Sherri Shepherd.

For these shoots we used two RED Monstro cameras. The large format 8K sensor looked amazing and gave us tons of flexibility in post. We handled all of the production details on this project from sourcing locations to drone permits to set propping. We’re excited for these videos to hit social channels before the year ends, so stay on the lookout.

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Highlands, North Carolina was our next destination as we filmed social media photos and video content for liquor brand Stillhouse and the Team Enterprises agency.  This is the second shoot with Stillhouse in less than six months so I think that means they like our work! We found our talent through a reality casting partner to source people who live an outdoor lifestyle, as opposed to the traditional route of going through a casting agency and Stillhouse was thrilled with the results.

Our shot list included our talent enjoying a camp fire, hiking in the woods and hanging out on a riverbed all while enjoying a variety of Stillhouse flavors. Check out the Stillhouse IG account to see lots of content we have helped produce this year.

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ASL recently teamed up with Global Citizen, an organization dedicated to ending extreme global poverty by 2030, to film a video for the sponsors of their Global Citizen Live 24 hour global concert. 

The creative vision was to capture an actor on a Citibike traveling from Union Square to Central Park. The tricky part was fitting in all 12 sponsors along the way. The bike ride included 9 different stops where we filmed sponsors of the Global Citizens Live concert. Our DP filmed with a Sony FX3 on a Ronin gimbal to maintain smooth shots and full range of motion. They were riding a Segway to mimic the bike, capturing the POV angle that the bike rider would see as they ride. This assignment, which included casting and producing sponsor signage, came together very quickly and we’re proud of the outcome. Check out the final video at Global Citizen’s Instagram page.

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ASL partnered with Walgreens Boots Alliance and their affiliate brand, Soap & Glory, to film the creator of a new series of wellness scented products from Givudan. VP Executive Perfumer, Olivier Gillotin created the line of scents in collaboration with Givudan and Soap and Glory called Perfect ZZZen, to promote wellness through scent to the consumer.

ASL traveled to the Soap & Glory offices to film Gillotin direct to camera using a see-through teleprompter. We also filmed broll of him and multiple S&P employees going over the creative direction for the line of wellness products, which included a calming bath milk, a warming body scrub and a relaxing body souffle. Look for the line of bath wellness products in your local pharmacy and grocery store.

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There’s lots more to recap you on including poker tips with Chris Moneymaker for a World Series of Poker sponsor, F1 racing with a McLaren car sponsor, award show livestreams with Hand and Stone…We could go on and on…And we will in our next newsletter in a few weeks!

Feel free to drop us a line and be sure to follow our LinkedIn and Instagram for the latest of what we’re up to each and every day.


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