Video content is everywhere: from your phone to your TV to your computer, and beyond.  Because of this, your video marketing strategy has never been more important. Videos capture your attention on billboards, dominate your social feeds and are taking over LinkedIn. However, it’s video as a marketing tool that’s changing the face of the the video production landscape. It is opening up expansive new terrain for marketers and clients alike.

Woman in glasses laughing as she does a coporate interview as part of her companies video marketing strategy.

According to Wyzowl, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service. Videos entertain, but they also draw viewers in to inform, educate, and engage in ways they’ve never done before.

Marketing videos all aim to achieve the same ultimate purpose: to connect with your audience and inspire action. Creating videos can be extremely fun and rewarding. They also offer brands a platform to take your marketing to the next level.

Best kept fast-pace and compact, video marketing content should aim to start conversations. They deliver a call-to-action that initiates a relationship with prospective clients. A well planned video marketing strategy can offer your company more in the long term. Here’s how:


Since the ascent of mobile platforms and social media, the relationship between brands and consumers has undergone a seismic change. Visibility and interaction are no longer side goals within marketing plans, but now sit right at the center of them. For established businesses and startups alike, building that emotional connection with your audience is what draws customers to your brand. That connection often begins with your company’s story.



RSM Employee at her office doing a testimonial for asl productions

Whether through the stories of your employees and founders via business profile videos. Or The stories of your customers and clients through testimonial videos. Video can spice up your marketing package with a personal touch. Video of your company’s story has no expiration date. The best videos are used for many years.


Though it all starts with getting views, the key to building lasting relationships with your audience is through engagement. Studies show that audiences are 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on video content. That’s more than blogs or other social posts. This shows why it is so important to have a video strategy in place to drive action to your content.

Engagement is not only good for immediate sales, but also for long term relationships. This engagement builds trust and loyalty.

Two Shot Full Couch asl studios video podcast room

Familiarizing your audiences with your brand is only the first step of engaging them. A great brand should be engaging in a constant dialogue with their audiences. They do this through their media channels, and establish a lasting level of trust.


The days of the old-fashioned marketing pitch are over. Why? Consumers these days are simply more equipped with tools that help them find the right product or service for themselves. Today there are so many options in the world. The way marketers are getting their products and services to the top is by educating their costumers. Doing this in the simplest way possible is often the best way.

97% of marketers claim that videos help customers better understand products. Making product videos: it seems like a no brainer, right? But knowing where to go from there is another question in itself. Finding the best method to inform and educate your audience comes down to knowing your product and audience

Tell your story with partners, branded content

How-to videos and explainer videos are perfect, accessible methods for educating audiences. Finding the right tone, whether it’s via animation or a live display, can inform your audience on the specs of your product in a clear, relatable manner. Once you’ve found your style, it’s time to think about your channel, and there are honestly plenty of options. From YouTube, to Instagram, to Facebook and Vimeo, to your own company’s landing page, it’s never been easier to get your video out there. Usually, the more the merrier goes for video marketing. The more channels you have to inform your audience, the wider the audience you’ll attract, while educating the masses in the process.


A Comscore survey concluded that posting video content to your website can increase the chance of making Google’s vaunted front page by 53 times. Let me say that again. BY 53 TIMES!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has become a vital aspect of marketing strategy in recent years. By calculating the quantity and quality of a website through traffic, SEO experts have pushed companies to new grounds in order to boost their relevance and visibility.

Blue Screen shoot in asl studios. a single chair sits in front of a well lit blue screen scene.

Beyond the numbers, video content is essential to keeping up with competition. With so many business, large and small, putting out video content, it’s best not to be the one that’s left behind. A video strategy is essential to visibility in your field, but ultimately, putting out great video content can establish a level of credibility as well. When a consumer is weighing an important decision, it’s likely that it will come down to the quality of video that will push them one way or another.


Next time you’re on a train, bus, subway, or restaurant, look around to see what other people are doing when they’re alone. There’s a pretty good chance they’re watching videos on their phone or tablet. With 70% of YouTube’s total views watched on mobile devices, and over 750 million of Facebook’s users logging in on their mobile device, there’s never been a better time to create video content that can be viewed anywhere.

Mobile videos are fun, eye-catching, and easy to share, but they’re also persuasive marketing tools.

Studies show that 90% of consumers have viewed a video on their phone before they’ve made a purchase. Mobile video viewing has become so much more that merely a cure for boredom. Being able to watch video content from anywhere has put power in the viewer’s hands to educate themselves from the subway, park bench, restaurant queue, or aisle of the local grocery store.


With all the lights, cameras, audio, and personnel, putting on a production can seem like a big deal. However, it’s a producer’s job to create something long lasting that has value. Today, with video content being the ubiquitous force that it is, it’s important to create video content that holds up over time. Fortunately, with the rise of platforms and accessibility, videos can be used for more purposes than ever, and the fruits of a great video will be born for years.

Think of video nowadays like a Russian Nesting Doll. You have the main piece of content, and from it, you can create more and recycle clips for different purposes. There’s been no better example of this than Instagram. Within a single video piece, you can create a 15, 30, and 60 second cut, a vertical edit, story clips, IGTV reels, and more.

Beyond Instagram and social media edits, a good video clip can be used later down the line. Highlights and sound bites from a corporate event, or a passionate testimonial interview can be used for years to come as part of your marketing plan. So, when you see a production crew roll into your office on a shoot day, know that something lasting is being created that goes way beyond a simple 3-minute video.

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For years, small businesses had to carry the stigma of producing cheap, tacky, and cliché video content. Car dealerships and local businesses dug deep into their pockets to produce and promote videos that induced mockery, while being, admittedly, kind of catchy. Well, those days are gone, as both producing and publishing video has become way, way, more accessible and affordable. With just a little video marketing strategy you can harness the power of videos. 

Of course, video packages differ in cost based on size and scale of the project, but nowadays you can produce professionally made video content on a budget that works for you. The best part about it all is that so many marketing channels are free and easy to use, so once the video is complete, it’s reach is endless. Whether a big corporation, or a startup or small business, every company deserves video that’s engaging, informative, and puts a face to what they do.

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