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We are back in full swing creating new videos as productions have started to open up across the country. A lot of our clients are preferring to use our remote viewing capabilities to oversee their projects. We are able to provide a live view of our shoots as they happen. Our streamlined approach allows direct communication […]


In our previous post, we featured the first part of our pharmaceutical video case study. We chronicled our three day shoot in Austin, TX with Abbott Laboratories and all of our challenges and successes. The next phase of our shoot shifted focus from an overview of people using the Freestyle Libre 14 day system to […]


Different video strategies require different videos. Across the Internet, new videos are dotting up in just about every industry imaginable. E-commerce companies are utilizing sharp, informative videos to sell their product. Software services are turning to video tutorials to ease their users into their new programs. Consumer brands are constantly reinventing themselves and developing their […]


Digital marketing is full of methods to help you get the most out of your website. Optimizing your website can increase your marketing reach and actively yield benefits while you go about running your business. Think of it like a tree: as the branches grow the roots are also growing underground, planting the tree in […]


Testimonial videos are an essential part of any digital content strategy. We’re going to focus on what makes your testimonial video effective.


From social media video campaigns to original content to corporate video interviews, it’s been a busy month at ASL Productions


Video interviews are the building block of many corporate videos. Read about their immense value in the world of corporate video production.

NJ Video Production: Up and Down the Turnpike

We’ve talked about how working in New York video production boasts endless advantages through its stream of resources and opportunities. Well, one of our favorite resources lies just to the west and is greater in population than New York City. At just a three-hour drive from its rocky northern reaches in Mahwah to the southern […]

Corporate Video Production NY ‘A-Z’

From sports content companies to digital marketing agencies and everything in between, the field of companies in corporate video production NYC is ripe with content creators looking to make unique videos to build their brands. We’ve already shown you what it is that a full service video production company can bring to the table. But […]

Coast to Coast Video Content with ASL Productions

Hi Everyone! The start to our year has been busy but, as always, our dedication to our video content partners is not just a resolution. Lets get right to some highlights from our last month. In January we journeyed to Orlando to document RSM’s involvement at the Student Veteran’s Association. The RSM CDI Group, Stars and Stripes, met […]

Producing Testimonial Videos at ASL

At ASL, we’ve earned a name for ourselves by being resourceful in production, while producing videos that we’re genuinely proud of. When working in corporate video production, you need to be flexible. Companies and agencies alike have very specific ideas in mind, and as a video production company, you’ll need to service their needs while […]

New Year, New Content, Same Amazing Video Work

  Hi Everyone!   2018 was quite the year for all of us at ASL Productions! We produced amazing video content with new and continuous content partners and want to thank everyone for participating in our successful 2018. Before we can officially move on to 2019, lets take one last look at some of our projects from […]

Common Video Production Mistakes

Mistakes.  We’ve all made them.  And in video content production, the ways they could happen are numerous. In the 15 years that we’ve worked in video content production, we’ve seen it all: from the good, to the bad, to the downright strange. Whether it’s a technology failure, a routine blunder or a mindless bout of […]

Football Sets, Safety Training Video and Financial Services

    Hey Friends,   With football season in full swing and the clocks about to turn back, it’s officially fall. Lets take a look at some of the highlights from our last month.        Last month, ASL started working on a safety training video for Hunter Roberts Construction Group. We had our work boots laced […]

Vertical Videos are Coming!

It’s 2018 and Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Blake Shelton are pointing us in the direction of a revolution in video content. The three pop megastars and more have all experimented with the concept of the vertical music video. Vertical Video? Isn’t that just for those crazy teenagers on Snapchat? In September 2018, YouTube announced […]

Walks, Climbs and Barguments!

Hi Everyone!     Back in September, we kicked off a series of shoots for a safety training video for Hunter Roberts Construction Group. This month took us from Long Island, to Pier 14, and down I-95 to Philadelphia, documenting safety at sites big and small. One of the highlights was  a new skyscraper in the Financial […]

Working with Agencies: Types of Agencies

At ASL, we produce video projects for many different types of agencies. We thought it might be helpful to analyze agency relationships and inform you of different things you may encounter with each type of agency. Creative Agencies The most common type of agency in corporate video production is a creative agency.  We mentioned the […]

Video Content for the Millennial Demographic

Oh, hey there. It’s Max here, ASL’s Resident Millennials Correspondent. I’ve been conditioning myself to knock out an article greater than 280 characters. When I’m not busy swiping, snapping, or charting out my next juice cleanse, I’m generally keeping up with the internet’s latest video marketing trends. Born between 1981 and 1997, Americans of the […]

Step Up Your Testimonial Video Strategy

By now, we all have a pretty good idea of what a bad testimonial video looks like. SNL has ripped the tactic to shreds in their phony advertisements for Activia, Lincoln, and most recently the Amazon Echo. Let’s face it, there is something inherently hilarious about a bad testimonial: bad actors hamming their way through […]

We Don’t Have Much Time To Tell You This

  Hey Friends, The average time people spend reading an article online is 37 seconds and we’ve produced some pretty cool shoots in the last month, so here are our past 31 days in 37 seconds (approximately).       ASL broke into the fashion world in July with our shoot with Bloomingdales! We filmed […]

Keep Cool With Some Summer Weekend Reading

  Hey Friends, We hope you have an amazing summer weekend, BUT FIRST, read about the highlights from the last month of ASL shoots!     ASL teamed up with Nielsen to cover their Consumer 360 2018 conference. We traveled to DC with a crew of four from New York and called on four more […]

ASL’s Guide to Internal Social Media Content

Over the past few months, the ASL team has been on a mission to step up our social media content marketing presence. To do this, we’ve been creating a series of short social media videos to highlight our best content by category, as well as highlight the projects we are most proud of. If you […]

ASL Provides Corporate Video Production Support All Over the Mid-Atlantic

One of the hallmarks of ASL Productions is our ability to provide nationwide video production support.  So far in 2018, our production reach has been utilized time and time again, as we have been called on to provide crews and operators in cities, such as, Los Angeles, Orlando and Las Vegas, to name a few. […]

It’s Summer Time, Sit Back and Read This!

    Hey Friends, It’s the email you’ve all been waiting for, our monthly recap!     One of our hallmarks at ASL is our nationwide reach, and ability to provide crews and take on shoots all over the country and internationally. In May, ASL teamed up with Aspen Dental on a production in Augusta, Georgia. We […]

Resourcefulness- the Secret Sauce to a Great Video Production Company

One of our hallmarks at ASL Productions, and what has given us the ability to rank among the best production companies in NJ, Fl, and NY, is our resourcefulness. While we produce the majority of our work using the same in-house production crew, we attribute much of our success in servicing larger clients to having […]

ASL Summer Sessions

HEY FRIENDS, We’re excited to share some of our recent projects, so let’s get to it! ASL collaborated with long-time partner Aspen Dental in Pittsburgh for their annual Day of Service event, during which veterans receive free dental care in over 400 Aspen offices throughout the country. Some of these veterans shared their stories with us, […]

ASL Deploys Multiple NYC Video Production Crews to Cover Make Music Day

ASL teamed up with the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) for the second consecutive year to celebrate the creation of music. We documented Make Music Day, the annual celebration connecting musicians and music lovers. Make Music Day consists of free public events spanning various locations and activities in New York City.  With multiple overlapping […]

Soothing Spa’s and Scripted Content

Hey friends, We’re excited to share some of our recent projects, so lets get to it! ASL Productions recently collaborated with Lincoln Financial Group on a scripted campaign that showed us the faces of everyday heroes. Among other compassionate moments, we filmed mom checking under the bed for monsters and dad heating up leftovers after his daughter’s […]

Maintaining Order with our Video Crew

Like any multi-faceted industry, video production is a complex balancing act of various jobs and tools. With all of the video crew departments to keep track of, it is a miracle that any small or large production is completed at all. What about when someone makes a mistake, or there is a circumstance that no […]

Outside the Box: Film Production on a Small Budget

https://www.aslproductions.com/portfolio-item/vocativ-nyfw-2016-how-to-spot-a-counterfeit/   Whether you are a first time filmmaker, or a seasoned video veteran, one thing you are always concerned about is staying under budget. Here at ASL, we recognize the importance of our teams’ productivity. And one of the many things we’ve discovered over the years is how money constraints can actually be blessings […]

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