We are back in full swing creating new videos as productions have started to open up across the country.

A lot of our clients are preferring to use our remote viewing capabilities to oversee their projects. We are able to provide a live view of our shoots as they happen.

Our streamlined approach allows direct communication with our director or producer.

Enough waiting, lets get right to our shoots so we can provide the play by play of our remote viewing in action! 

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We’ve recently started a new partnership with experiential agency, Team Enterprises. Our collaboration has already expanded to multiple projects in our short time as partners. The latest being a search for the Most Imaginative Bartender presented by Bombay Sapphire. MIB’s aim is to find the most creative bartender in North America and explore the activities that fuel their creativity. 

These activities range from fermentation to music production to maintaining a community garden. All activities that inspire and influence
creativity in the contestants. For these shoots, we typically supply a 1 man band camera and audio op and the director and agency can view and guide from afar using our remote video village set up. Using our vast network of talented operators, we’ve been able to pull this off seamlessly with shoots in Miami, Atlanta, New York, Portland and Denver so far. Additional shoots are scheduled for Toronto, San Francisco and Columbus, Ohio and we’re crewed up for all of them.

Our remote video village is a simple but reliable system connecting our agency partners and remote director to the filming on the ground. We connect the cameras to a laptop via a device such as the Teradek Cube or Blackmagic Web Presenter. This device acts as a conduit to create a real time agency monitor for viewing over an online meeting platform such as Zoom or Teams. While the agency views and hears exactly what’s coming out of the camera and uses the platforms chat function to give notes, our director then filters those notes directly to the DP on location through a separate connection (usually a Google Hangout feed). By adding a decimator, we can incorporate multiple cameras being viewed remotely, as well.

While there are lots of great choices on the market, including the Teradek product mentioned above and Q-Take, we have found that using Blackmagic Devices has been the most seamless and cost effective solution. As we continue to incorporate remote directing and viewing options in to our production process, it’s great to know we have a system that we are comfortable with and our clients have responded well to. 

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Another new partner, Reddy-Care Physical Therapy, hired us to film multiple video assets to get the word out about their essential business and COVID-19 safety measures.

Our project with Reddy-Care was a two day shoot on Long Island with filming at both of their locations and an at-home patient visit. The project has 5 deliverables including a company story video, tv commercial, patient testimonial video, an at-home physical therapist testimonial and an in-clinic physical therapist testimonial video. 

It was great to see essential workers, like the team at Reddy-Care, help their patients get back on their feet and as close to their regular life as possible. And if you’re located in the tri-state area be on the lookout for their TV commercial airing soon. 

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Right before our search for the Most Imaginative Bartender, Team brought us on to photograph their Hot Margarita Summer campaign with Cazadores.

We put together a photo shoot for 8 spicy margarita recipes which included sourcing the location and talent. In addition to the photographer, we had an art designer, our cocktail stylist and a bartender on set all working collaboratively to make sure the drinks looked their best and were true to Cazadores’s Mexican heritage. 

Check out our work on Cazadores’s Instagram page and make sure to have yourself a #HotMargaritaSummer.

Also, don’t forget that ASL has great photography professionals all over the country. Contact us today to see how we can help your photography project!

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One of our producers, Scott Macklin, recently took an online COVID-19 compliance certification course.

Scott will be acting as our COVID-19 compliance officer on all shoots he’s on and be making sure all clients and crew adhere to compliance regulations. 

An interesting bit of information from the class that Scott mentioned was that anyone with a temperature above 100.4 degrees has to immediately leave set and the producers have to be informed. If that person has been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 they have to be quarantined for 14 days before they can come back to set.

The safety of our clients, cast and crew are always our top priority and we take our COVID-19 compliance very seriously.

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Post production work continues to come in from our partners, RSM, ADP, NCS and Hand and Stone. We are very lucky to have partners that keep our schedules loaded with projects.

RSM is sending us videos to edit for three separate inclusion initiatives.

We have animated several videos for ADP relating to businesses getting back to work in the era of COVID-19.

NCSolutions is bringing us on to continue editing their “At Home With NCS” series where their executives talk about trends in consumer purchasing as well as the challenges and best practices of working from home

Ever seen a commercial for Hand and Stone Spa’s on TV? Well, that was our handy work fine tuning the spot for the Hand and Stone location closest to you and making sure it gets to the cable company for air. In these stressful times, we fully support you taking a breather and getting a relaxing Hand and Stone massage.

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Looking ahead, we’re excited to create content across multiple industries for companies such as Havas Health, Intel and Tec5USA. Plus we’ll be continuing our Most Imaginative Bartender series, making videos for Abbott’s new Freestyle Libre 2 product and more. To infinity and beyond!

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Do you need support creating content? We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can bring your vision to life!

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