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Oh, hey there. It’s Max here, ASL’s Resident Millennials Correspondent. I’ve been conditioning myself to knock out an article greater than 280 characters. When I’m not busy swiping, snapping, or charting out my next juice cleanse, I’m generally keeping up with the internet’s latest video marketing trends.Screen Shot 2018 09 26 at 2.58.40 PM

Born between 1981 and 1997, Americans of the Millennial Generation number over 80 million and are a driving force in the economy, spending nearly $600 billion each year. Stereotyped as being glued to social media and personal electronic devices, Millennials are also notoriously particular when it comes to their consumption habits.

When it comes to video marketing, Millennials have changed the landscape of how they’re produced and consumed. As the generation that spawned YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram, it’s no surprise that video production companies are aiming to put out shorter, punchier, and more direct videos. Don’t be fooled by this abbreviated style; however, because Millennials are more information-hungry than any other generation, simply because they are able to consume so much.

As the sheer amounts of video content on the internet is skyrocketing, so is the consumption rate. With this staggering rate of consumption comes a certain particularity in what is being chosen to view. Try searching “2018 Fantasy Football Season Preview”. The amount of videos and perspectives that can be found on the subject are near endless. It’s important that your videos are visually appealing and concise.  They also need to capture attention immediately.  Recent data shows that a viewer should have a general understanding of your story and want to know more, after just :06 of viewing.

Take Vox, the wildy popular creators of short YouTube documentaries, rarely spanning longer than 10 minutes. Vox goes into great detail on topics, but still manages to convey the stories that take other hours, in less than the time it takes to eat lunch.  One of the reason’s for Vox’s video popularity, is great visual story-telling, and being able to pinpoint topics people don’t know much about and would be fascinated by.  They’ve used this method to make videos on topics as unsexy as “European Borders” and “Highway Design” while amassing a base of 5 million young subscribers.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to thrive in the modern millennial video content environment:

video pacing

It’s All in the Pacing

It’s really no wonder that Millennials like their videos short and punchy. With the television medium being pushed aside by the Internet, this generation of consumers have written their own rules without having to succumb to the bulky standards put in place by the television conglomerates. With Internet powerhouses Netflix and YouTube following HBO’s subscription-based standard in bypassing advertising, it’s freed content creators to produce outside of traditional time constraints.

Free from formatting standards, web content creators, like Vox, have picked up their pacing to hold the attention of the viewer. With endless choices, the content provider must realize that the viewer can drop out with the swipe of a finger. Thus, it’s crucial to keep that viewer rapt through fast-paced editing and sharp graphics.

Maintain a Multi-Platform Online Presence

Screen Shot 2018 09 26 at 3.32.22 PM

Studies say that when it comes to watching videos, smartphones have surpassed television in video categories relating to music, education, and financial tutorials. No longer is a couch needed to consume video content. Mobile video has created an environment where videos can be watched from the comfort of your own—well, just about anywhere. People of all generations are watching video content on the train, in restaurants, in school, and just about everywhere one can bring their mobile phone. Keeping this in mind when building your online video presence can drastically improve your reach and versatility.

Alternative Advertising is All the Rage

Nowadays, consumers are more skeptical towards traditional advertising than ever. You hear of strategies like branded content and native advertising that tap into advertising in a very discreet way: by making the viewer not realize they are in fact viewing an ad. Much more than just subliminal tricks, these alternatives to traditional ads are effective because they offer a “light-sell”, that isn’t as forward in it’s intentions. When marketing to a younger, “ad skeptical” audience, it’s important to carry a tone of message that feels genuine and natural.

Screen Shot 2018 09 26 at 3.37.48 PM

Instead of throwing up your hands and regarding the millennials as inconsistent, try to keep it focused. It’s true, we are on our phones a lot, and we watch tons and tons of video content. As long as the videos are fast-paced, short, and accessible on multiple platforms, you’ll reach your audience. To hit harder, deliver a genuine message through a non-traditional method of advertising. If you keep this in mind, you’ll be just alright, I guarantee it.

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