Customer testimonials are so wildly effective; they’ve become nearly impossible to ignore. A consumer B2B marketing report indicated that testimonial videos have an 89% effectiveness rating, which is higher than any other content marketing strategy. Testimonial videos have become a vital part of any marketing effort that looks to captivate audiences though educating them about their product experience.

When done right, testimonials carry an earnest quality that is difficult to achieve in other more pitch-based marketing videos. A large part of their success comes from the subjects of the testimonials themselves. Using real people with tangible experiences, instead of actors, is the first step in conveying a level of trust that speaks for itself.

So, we know that testimonial videos are an effective means of converting viewers and leaving an memorable impact. But, what goes into the production of a successful testimonial, and how can you promote that content to achieve its ultimate goal of connecting with and converting audiences? Let’s find out…

Educating Through Storytelling

As we mentioned, product testimonials communicate first-hand experience from real customers, allowing them to tell their story, their way. Unlike explainer videos and product videos, which also educate viewers, testimonials educate through an individual’s experience.

testimonial videos

The most effective testimonials integrate an entire story arc into the video: exposition, rising action, climax, resolution and all. While no two buyer experiences are identical, testimonial videos are dynamic reference points for audiences to engage with. The stories told should first educate, before building a sense trust that inspires further action. It’s this relationship between subject and viewer that builds confidence in a buying decision and converts a viewer into a customer.

Capturing the Emotion of an Experience

The Internet has reshaped the buying experience. From what once involved word of mouth recommendations, and reliance on advertising, the buyer’s journey has simultaneously become a much more complex and convenient process.

User reviews have opened the door for the buyer to educate themselves and interact with communities before making any big decision. And while 65% of audiences identify as visual learners, video testimonials have become the perfect visual aid for the buyer’s journey.

You don’t need data to tell you that video captures emotion better than text. Though user reviews are a great resource for a quick recommendation, video testimonials deliver the full scope of emotion that comes through the user experience. Seeing and hearing the subject offers a human quality that written views will never get across with a thumbnail portrait. But it’s the ability to witness a product in-use and see the user’s reaction that makes testimonial videos connect with audience on such a greater level.

Different Perspectives of Testimonial Videos

Sure, a video of one person gushing about how much they love a product or service is bound to get a point across. However, an exceptional testimonial video will reflect the varying perspectives of different people who’ve used your product or service.

There are a couple ways you can approach filming a testimonial. One is with a one-off interview with someone from a company, which tells a very specific story and is usually more in depth. Another way is with multiple people from the same company, offering different perspectives from within the same organization. But perhaps the most effective is with a series of testimonials featuring a variety of subjects from different organizations all weighing in on their own unique experience.

Dash Hudson Harpers_FINAL

Let’s take a look at analytic software company, for example. The goal of their product is to make the lives of marketing managers easier by creating a hub for their data. So, when producing a testimonial, you shouldn’t just interview one manager from a single company about their experience. Instead, you want to hit on the wider range of possibilities opened up by the product. By opening up the forum to a diverse group of perspectives, you’ll increase your opportunity to connect with wider audiences through your testimonial video.

Establishing Trust and Authority

With a testimonial video, you’re basically proving that your product or service is really worth the hype. It’s up to you how to approach it, but it’s certainly in your best interest to focus on cultivating trust and authority with your audience.

On your way to building that trust with the viewer, you want to highlight subjects that are enthusiastic, honest, and reputable when it comes to talking about your product. Introducing your subjects, and providing their credentials is a must when it comes to testimonials. Whether your subject is a doctor, a student, or a social media influencer, you want to give them a background that makes their story relatable.

Testimonial video interview

People react positively to what they know. So when creating a testimonial video, show them someone they’re likely to listen to. The first step to knowing your subject is knowing your audience.

Testimonial Videos Show Tangible Results

Reviews have become an essential part of our lives. We rely on other people’s opinions and recommendations to ensure that we’re making the right decision. What video testimonials offer are an opportunity to reach your audience on a more intimate level. Yelp reviews and comment boards are a great resource for quick decisions, but when it comes to serious investments, video testimonials offer more.

Studies show that viewers are 58% more likely to convert after watching a customer testimonial. On top of that, testimonial videos have been shown to generate 62% more revenue per site visitor. As eye-opening as these numbers are, it’s still crucial that your testimonial is done well. Through telling a story, capturing emotion, reflecting diverse, trustworthy perspectives, you’ll be able to convey your message effectively to the masses.

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