The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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In our previous post, we featured the first part of our pharmaceutical video case study. We chronicled our three day shoot in Austin, TX with Abbott Laboratories and all of our challenges and successes. The next phase of our shoot shifted focus from an overview of people using the Freestyle Libre 14 day system to a closer look at how using the glucose level testing patch has positively effected one person’s life for the better.

A Real Life Video Case Study

Attention Global, working alongside Abbott, identified real life users of the product. Now it was our job to bring their stories to life. The day before the shoot, our DP and AC came to our New York office for camera and gear prep. Our A Cam was going to live, mostly on a gimbal all day. So, before we left, we wanted to make sure the calibration was correct between our Alexa Mini and gimbal unit. The next day, we headed to the Connecticut/Massachusetts border. With a crew of 10, we traveled to capture the story of Austin James and his band The Nomads.

This shoot focused on Austin’s daily life with the Freestyle Libre. We interviewed him about how the FL has changed his life for the better. Our day started at Austin’s band practice space, a barn, which we set designed as a recording studio. When we arrived, we shot b-roll of him and his band performing, keeping his Freestyle Libre in frame so he can demonstrate how using the glucose testing device does not disrupt his life. We made sure to sprinkle in pops of blue and yellow colors, either as an accent or piece of clothing, to make the branding connection with Abbott.

pharmaceutical video case study

We interviewed Austin, after his band practice, so we could hear, in his own words, how the Freestyle Libre has improved his life. Austin used to have to prick his finger to test his blood. This would negatively affect his piano and guitar playing in his band and disrupt his daily interaction with his daughter. Austin provided unique insight as to how using the Freestyle Libre allows him to live his life without worrying about the next time he has to draw blood from his finger. 

From Band Practice to Family Reality

As our video case study interview wrapped, we followed Austin to pick up his daughter from school and to a staged kitchen where the two of them cooked dinner together. Some of our crew of 10 broke off to prepare at the kitchen set while we made sure cameras were rolling as Austin and his daughter embraced outside her school.

Austin’s daughter has also felt the positive effects of her dad using the Freestyle Libre. They don’t have to pause what they are doing to watch daddy prick his finger. They just have to scan the FL, read the results and continue going about their day.

When we got to the kitchen set, we realized that it was too dark outside to re-create a season-neutral scene. It was December and we needed to create a dinner scene that mimicked sunset in spring. We had to move fast. Our crew was making on the fly adjustments to the kitchen space. There was adjusting blinds, shifting camera angles and blasting an ARRI M18 light from outside in to the kitchen to simulate the spring time dinner. After all of the adjustments, we were able to get the exact look we were searching for and film the dinner scene.

Screen Shot 2020 03 31 at 4.07.07 PM

It was heartwarming to watch Austin and his daughter spend quality time together and see how the Freestyle Libre is enhancing the quality of their time together.

And That’s A Pharma Video Case Study Wrap!

Our shoot spanning two states, five locations, 40+ cast members and almost 30 total crew members was a tremendous logistical and creative undertaking. When ASL took on this campaign we understood that there would be challenges and to overcome them, our organization and preparedness would have to be our biggest priority. We can say without hesitation that we were able to troubleshoot every single issue that came up. Because of our work in pre-production in collaboration with Attention Global. At the end of the day, if your client is happy, you’ve done your job and or this production in particular, our clients are thrilled!

If you have a video or photo campaign, please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your project!


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