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We were recently doing the math and discovered that this summer we had 37 shoot days, filming, editing and producing for 5 different agencies and 20 different clients! Even more impressive, the filming took place in 22 different locations.

Our remote video village offering was certainly put to the test and it passed with flying colors! Here are some of the recent highlights.

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We have continued our full-service production offering for Abbott Global and their social media creative agency, Attention. We were tasked with creating a :30 spot highlighting the benefits of Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 2 Non-intrusive glucose monitoring device.

With just over two weeks of prep time, we planned and delivered a 2-day shoot, sourcing locations in NY and NJ, where we could film 8 different scenes per day. We also cast and brought a diverse set of 12 talented actors to show off the various product use cases. All while managing proper COVID-19 protocols, performing temperature checks, requiring masks and planning the shoots for the most social distancing possible.

Our on-set production featured two, five person teams with roles of DP/Gimbal Op, Camera Assistant, Gaffer, Grip and AD/Producer. Additionally, we had wardrobe and props support making sure each actor was in the proper outfit and had the right accessories around them and a talented photographer getting shots from both crews at once. Included with our props was medical furniture we rented as we transformed a room in one of our locations into a doctor’s office. The shoot was a big success and the results should be on the Freestyle Libre Instagram page soon.

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We’ve had several more shoot days for Bombay’s Most Imaginative Bartender series. We have been filming and remote directing in cities across North America. These stops have included Toronto, Austin, Denver and San Francisco just to name a few. 

Given that, often times, these shoots are in the subject’s apartments or small spaces, we have been sending one man band crews to accomplish shoot days. Operators that can act as gaffers and audio technicians are very valuable and having our network stocked with talented people speaks to our reach and relationship building.

These shoots are not always easy. We are remote directing talent through our operator on the scene and simultaneously taking notes from our client. We are learning new ways to organize and communicate. And in the end, it will only benefit our business and client relationships.

Above is a sneak preview of the content to come from the Most Imaginative Bartender Series.

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Another Team Enterprise project brought us to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Their client, Vuse, was a major sponsor of the Indy 500 but was faced with an enormous challenge, marketing a fan-less event.

Working with client and agency, our four person crew was kept busy capturing on-looker reactions as a Vuse branded Formula One car navigated Indianapolis. Additionally, we documented a gift package give-away that aimed to connect fans with the race they couldn’t attend. We used our Mavic 2 drone to get amazing shots of the empty 100,000 seat facility.

We’re excited about more opportunities to come with Vuse and heading to St. Petersburg, Florida for their next Indycar activation in October. 

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Clarksburg, Maryland was our destination as we set out to film the bus of the future. Robotics Research designed technology to integrate automation in to public transportation. 

ASL was brought in to film the functionality of the bus, including geomapping and radar technology to communicate with a 3D version of the world surrounding the vehicle. Other features include precision docking, which allows the bus to pull up extremely close to the curb, increasing safety for passengers, automated stopping and hands free navigation.

It was a look into the future as we spoke to the project manager about how the Robotics Research engineers created the software and executed the hardware to integrate the automation technology with buses that look like the ones currently on the street.  

Check out some of the pictures above and notice the mapping devices and cameras on the corners of the bus. Stay tuned for automated public transportation to a city near you!

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Looking toward the end of summer and into fall, we have a full plate on our agenda. Still in pre production are shoots with Havas Health, Tec5USA and Sparta Systems.

As we continue to move full speed ahead, don’t hesitate to reach out for any video projects you need or even just to get more details on ones we’ve already
mentioned. We would love to hear from you!


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