Content with New Partners Heading Into the Holiday Season

ASL is bringing holiday cheer to all of our clients this month! As we come to a close on 2022, We’re proud to show you the great work we’re wrapping up this season.

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ASL headed back to school this month, working with The Haven Academy and the Hudson Valley Massage Training Institute.

We spent some time in the Bronx at The Haven Academy, a charter school that centers around students in need. This school makes it a point to welcome students who have been touched by the foster care system and focuses on giving them a choice in their education.

We produced a website video for The Haven Academy that highlights their mission of excellency and acceptance. Our team spent the day interviewing students, teachers and other faculty to capture the welcoming essence of this unique school.

At the Hudson Valley Massage Institute in Kingston, NY we focused on detailed footage that highlighted key features of this premier therapy facility.  We also used individual testimonies with students and instructors to explain their detailed training program.

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ASL Productions was happy to step off set earlier this month for a Volunteer Day. ASL Team members volunteered their time to help feed the less fortunate at God’s Love We Deliver, an organization that focuses on feeding those in need, their caregivers, and their children. We are always looking for great ways to give back as we strive to make Volunteer Day a monthly occurrence in 2023.

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We continued to expand our relationship with during a 3 city case-study shoot with and their client, GE Healthcare.

ASL used 4K drone shots to show off the GE Building in Milwaukee. Meanwhile in London and NYC we sent crews to the offices for interviews and B-Roll that illuminated the culture of unity between and GE Healthcare.

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We put the future at the forefront by producing a shoot for the SodaStream Professional, an intuitive beverage dispenser that connects with a QR coded bottle and saves personal drink preferences!

ASL served up some refreshing product shots of the SodaStream Professional at the PepsiCo Innovation Lab. With a team of 17 crew members who worked over the course of 2 days, we were able to get the inside scoop on this sweet beverage invention. We also documented the PepsiCo engineers and followed their process – from brainstorming to creative breakout sessions. Our team was there to serve up one sweet shoot.

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Ringing in the new year…

As we enter 2023 our team is looking forward to producing our best work yet.

Some of our upcoming projects include a live stream with Coquito at Webster Hall, working with COA World, a press announcement from Blue Bunny, and so much more!

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