The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A High End Recording Studio in NYC

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We’ve recently helped produce some amazing and dynamic content with brands all over the country. Lets get right to the nitty gritty.

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ASL brought an LA based crew led by one of our favorite Outdoor Sports Directors, AJ van der Water, to Wimberly, TX.  Our shoot was with Stillhouse, a liquor brand focusing on being able to travel where glass can’t. The entire shoot was filmed at the beautiful Inspiring Oaks Ranch. Our crew filmed assets for a promotional contest Stillhouse is running where lucky customers could win a genuine Texas outdoor adventure with ATVs, off-roading and glamping. The two day shoot included 200+ photo deliverables and video assets that included our cast hiking, glamping, ATVing, and off-roading in rented Jeep Wranglers.

As always, we were all over the action providing drone shots and car to car shots to capture the untamed country energy Stillhouse prides itself on. Check out the finished spot when it premieres on Stillhouse’s social media later this month!

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In another virtual shoot, ASL assisted the historic Lincoln Center Theatre in putting on its yearly project: Songwriting In The Schools. Schools from around New York City submit songs that are chosen by LCT, and are composed and recorded by professional Broadway music directors and actors. The High School students’ 14 songs came to life in the beautiful voices of the actors, and it was an incredible sight to behold.

ASL provided webcams to each of the 5 actors, and our producer was capturing the performances on Zoom to ensure everything went smoothly. Once filming had begun, we quickly realized that Zoom compresses the quality of their video, and therefore we pivoted to a better method of video capture. An Audio Engineer and our Post-Production team took care of the rest, and created an experience these young songwriters will remember forever! Watch it May 20th on the Lincoln Center Theater’s website.

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For three weeks in April, our valued Producer Joshua Curley was sent out on the road with Barstool Sports to film their new series “Barstool: Rediscovering America.” They travelled all over Florida, where they were served by a Robot Waiter in Disney Springs, attended a Seance in Casa Vega, interviewed Mermaids in Weeki Wachee State Park and even wrestled Alligators in south Florida!

Josh drove 1500 miles in a 15 person truck, and worked with famous Miami cover singer Chris Diamond, Bigfoot Hunter Dave Shealy, and of course, Barstool Founder Dave Portnoy. Experience the trip of a lifetime with Josh and Barstool on Barstool’s website in May!

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Formula One Racing and Art Installations are two things that typically don’t go together, but in our new series with Vuse, they do! Our team of four including ASL Founder Adam Lebenstein travelled to multiple locations including Upstate New York, Indiana, Alabama, and more to film Vuse’s new series highlighting Art Installations done by Local City Artists.

The turnaround for each video was so quick, that when we were filming at the St. Petersburg Firestone Grand Prix trackside, our editor Mike was editing the footage in real time! All the episodes were done with a 24 hour turnaround time, and with a very small on site team. Check out the series now on Vuse’s Website!
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There will be more exciting projects coming next month as we hit the road with Barstool once again on a Multi-City tour to find the Most capable Stoolie. We’ll also be in Western Illinois shooting for the Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 2 and in New York City providing support for a narrative film!

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