The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A High End Recording Studio in NYC

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These days it isn’t just about pushing your brand to build overall awareness for your business. Instead, its about making a connection with your audience so your brand stands out as an entity with its own personality.


Online marketing capabilities have made it easier than ever for businesses to hold their own among competitors, but if you want to really engage your audience and leave a lasting impression, animated marketing videos can accomplish this. Keep in mind that 65% of people are visual learners, according to the Social Science Research Network, and 90% of the information our brain receives is visual. Unlike typical marketing videos, animations can be as vibrant and entertaining as your creative team’s wildest imagination, with nearly unlimited potential to build your brand and tell your story while making a positive impact on your audience.


Here are some specific ways you can use animation to build your brand and take advantage of this invaluable marketing tool.


Turn Your Buyer Persona Into an Animated Representation of Your Audience

The very first step you should take when creating animated videos is to get to know your specific audience, which will then enable you to create an accurate buyer persona. This persona will include everything from the average age of your audience and where they’re from to their favorite websites and even the way they dress.


You can then use this information to craft animated characters who speak to your audience, which makes your videos feel like personal messages directed at them.



Infuse Your Animations with Your Brand Colors and Personality

Unique colors are one of the most effective ways your brand can stand out. Colors and style should be apart of all of your marketing campaigns, including your products, webpages, and social network profiles. You’ll have even more opportunities to integrate your company’s colors and overall style with the help of lively and engaging animations.


Choose an Original Animation Style That Works for Your Brand

There is a wide range of animation styles to choose from for character animation, including everything from motion graphic videos to whiteboard animations. The animation style can also reflect your brand’s personality, and you can always incorporate humor to add to a human touch.


These are some of the many ways you can use animations to develop your brand and help your marketing efforts excel through connecting with your audience.


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