The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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Hi Everyone!

We’ve had an exciting and busy slate of nationwide productions lately. Recent shoots include stops in Oklahoma City, Chicago and Miami.

Without further adieu, lets recap.

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ASL has created a diverse array of content alongside Attention Global for Abbott Laboratories’ Freestyle Libre Diabetes monitoring sensor.

Typically, we focus on documenting user success stories and helping to program their FSL Facebook page with great looking footage of the product in use. The diabetes wars are heating up however, between the Freestyle Libre product and their competitor, Dexcom’s version.

We were approached to make 5 comedic, scripted spots that pointed out the advantages Abbott has compared to their competitor in a light hearted, funny manor.

Each spot had two sets on different colored backgrounds. One background was the yellow brand color of the FSL and the other represented the green of their competitor. ASL built each set from the ground up and cast 11 actors to appear in the five commercials.

We’re excited to share the final spots in the months ahead!

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ASL teamed up with Havas Heath to film for Kezvara, a medication for rheumatoid arthritis. Many people with rheumatoid arthritis aren’t able to see their doctors in the times of COVID so our video promoted telemedicine. 

ASL flew one of our DPs and an AC to Oklahoma City to film a doctor in her office. We rented lighting and grip equipment from a local rental house and lit the office to make it look perfect for this branded explainer video.

We framed the doctor slightly right, leaving room for the graphics to appear on screen. Havas’s creative direction had the doctor interacting with the graphics as they appear. This was a great effort from the director, DP and doctor who worked seamlessly to make sure the framing was exactly right for the video graphics. Take a look at a the picture above to see what we mean.

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Nielsen Connect, our long time partner, brought us on to livestream their CEO, David Rawlinson, and CMO, Jacqueline Woods. The livestreams were part of their VC360 conference and to announce their rebrand as Nielsen IQ. Normally held at a large event space, this year’s C360 was held virtually due to COVID concerns. 

While most of the Nielsen team just used laptops to stream their speeches, Nielsen asked ASL to upgrade the feeds of their CEO and CMO by using our cameras, lighting and remote viewing capabilities. 

Jacqueline Woods presented the Intro and Outro for the conference and had a “Talk Back” session with special guests, Magic Johnson and Meghan Trainor.

Another successful live stream project. We might consider doing this for a living lol!

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and every year for the last three, ASL has worked with Avon to film their Breast Cancer Walk throughout Manhattan. This year, due to COVID, Avon changed their event from a walk to interviews.

In conjunction with director, Don Rase, we interviewed some of Avon’s top executives to hear directly from them how Avon is helping bring awareness to Breast Cancer. 

ASL provided operators, cameras, lighting and grip equipment to create a studio look in the Avon offices. Avon’s Breast Cancer Awareness project is something we’re very proud to be a part of and hope to continue to provide video support to them for years to come.

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Each week we light and setup three distinct shows for Barstool Sports. The shows are titled Sports Advisors, The Norelco College Football Show and The Pro Football Football Show. In addition to these studio shows, we help them film features and interviews that take place around the country and assist with sponsored set dressing and any other needs that come up such as this video promoting their in-house e-sports team.

With Barstool alone we are preeeety busy, but we also provide post production for RSM and Hand & Stone Franchises every month and this month we had shoots with newcomers Defender Care and Iris Software. Even with all of the safety precautions and remote producing we’ve put in place, we are still moving full speed ahead.

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Make sure you stay tuned next month for updates on a celebrity shoot with Abbott, photo, video and livestream shoots with Bacardi and Teams Enterprise clients, and a special cooking competition series with Barstool.


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