Creating small business videos is essential for your marketing efforts. By 2020 there will be close to 1 million minutes of video crossing the internet per second. The sheer volume of video content that we have access to is astounding, and for some, overwhelming. Nevertheless, in a content sphere as vast as the Internet, small businesses have been able to leverage their resources to produce content that’s just as polished, imaginative, and impactful as the videos put out by the big guns.

Laying out a video marketing plan for a small business is quite different from doing the same with a major corporation. For starters, large companies are working with not only larger budgets, but also widespread name recognition. Which for some, allows them to pass by any sort of introduction with the audience and cut right to the meat of their piece. While some small business marketers may face an uphill battle in these aspects, the best ones know how to take this challenge and channel it into powerful, informative videos that act as visual mission statements for their small business.

small business video

Widespread use of mobile devices and endless video streaming platforms have made video a medium that’s more necessary than ever. It is often the best way for an emerging business or small company looking to expand their reach to grow. Here’s how small businesses can harness the power of video marketing.


The first step in making videos is to make them, however you can. If you don’t have the budget yet for a professional production, there is nothing wrong with using your cellphone or a personal video camera. However, when it’s time to really take your marketing strategy to the next level, finding professionals to help you create high-quality video content is easier than ever. There are more expert producers which has brought down costs and better video and editing equipment that makes turnaround on your final products faster. What starts as a concept in the marketing department can be up on YouTube, Facebook, and a company’s website in just weeks.

The first step in any video venture is to learn, which is why you are here (good job!). Ask questions and speak to people who have done it before. By doing this, no matter what kind of video you hope to make or how much of your marketing budget you want to spend, you will get the most out of your final product.


For small business owners, oftentimes, the biggest goal of your marketing push is getting your name out there and educating your audience on what it is that you do. Sounds simple, right? Small business, unlike their larger counterparts, have the unique ability to connect with audiences on a more personal level.

We’ve all seen big chains and corporations hire out actors to don their uniform and appear in commercials. Well, with small business videos, this is not the case. Small business videos show off the real faces and voices of your company. With that, comes the ability to connect to viewers directly and make an impact through being direct and relatable.

small business video marketingEach small business has one powerful tool that is entirely unique to them. That tool is their story. By introducing your potential clients to who you are, what you do and why you love doing it, your small business can create content that creates a lasting impression.


Small business marketing has always faced the challenge of exposure. At one point in time, small business meant local business. But the globalization brought on by the Internet has single-handedly re-defined how we see small businesses. The ability for small business to be able to produce high-quality video content has led to a massive shift in their reach.

92% of users watching video on mobile will share it with others. With Americans being more active on social sites than ever, it’s no wonder why the sharing of videos has become so widespread. For providers of products and services, eCommerce has made it possible for small enterprises to reach international audiences. Ebay, AirBNB, and Etsy, are just several platforms that have given entrepreneurs infinite potential to reach the masses.

Marketing a small business can be whatever you make of it. But, having a video content strategy as wide as your ambitions is a good place to start. Because your business may be in San Diego, but you’re only a couple shares away from New York.


It may have all started with email newsletters, but maintaining a community online is both easier and more important now than ever. With 75 million people visiting Facebook’s video platform a day, the audience for video is certainly there. Once you find your core audience, interacting with them is the next big step, and video is the best way to go about that.

small business profile video

Small businesses have an advantage by being able to interact with their audience on a much more personal level. As we mentioned earlier, the people seen and interviewed in the video are going to be the same ones answering questions and interacting with their audience. In a time where customer service is calculated down to a science, people still cherish an intimacy with their favorite brands and companies. For small businesses to capitalize on those interactions and build returning customers can make a world of a difference.

Whether it’s producing a series of ‘How-to videos’ or maintaining an active discussion in the comments section, a small business can deliver the personality and intimacy that so many of the larger corporations are striving towards in today’s world.


We hear the term ‘thought leader’ all the time now. But what does it really mean to us as an audience? A thought leader is usually a person or a brand (or both) that has established a level of trust and respect to influence future buying decisions. We see thought leaders on blogs and social media, building audiences and loyal communities through their advice. But how can a small business function as a thought leader and inspire a loyal audience to keep returning to their content?

business infuencer

Well, the key lies in educating. Video content has proven to be the best way to go about informing audiences. Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. Whether it’s through testimonial videos or how-to videos, small businesses can flex their knowledge and expertise without having to push their products through an old-fashioned pitch. Audiences watching videos on the Internet don’t like a hard sell. So, taking the route of the thought leader is an honest and approachable way for small business leaders to make their names known.

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