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All of us at ASL are adapting to the new way of work and life. Although our team is socially distancing, we feel it’s important to continue on with as much normal activity as possible. We wish you and your loves ones health and safety during this difficult time. Without further ado, here’s how we’ve been carrying on.

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In early March, just days before the quarantine and social distancing took hold, we were able to squeeze in one last shoot with experiential agency Magnetic and American Express.

American Express showed the importance of giving thanks to your employees with installations at transit hubs across the country that included a post-it wall to write appreciative notes, free coffee and gift-bags. We captured the excitement at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central with a crew of 6 that included our ARRI Alexa Mini filming b-roll and interviews and a time-lapse operator getting a variety of angles as people whizzed by.

The event was a great success and our final video is set to be released soon. Until then, check out this cool time lapse of Grand Central Terminal and some bts pics above.

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We’ve been collaborating with our clients on how to pivot their video marketing strategies and keep the content churning in this new environment. The post production solutions we have come up with include a greater focus on Animation. We also have been taking cell phone footage and turning it into Informative Pieces with graphics and stock b-roll. Lastly, we’ve been able to repurpose previously filmed footage in new ways such as creating a recruiting video for Hand and Stone in the video above.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to ASL to see how we can keep producing for you. 

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Earlier in the year we filmed two videos for Zi, a company specializing in apparel for pregnancy. We filmed an overall brand video in Los Angeles that utilized 5 models and showed off the different stages of pregnancy and how the sneakers supported the women while also being stylish. We also profiled the company’s owners and shoe designer in NY and discussed the inspiration behind creating the world’s first sneaker specifically designed for maternity.

The post production process included 3 different editors, 2 color houses and 1 post audio facility. Each video was edited to :90, :60 and :30 second spots and we also needed versions with English and Mandarin subtitles. Clearly, this production was a lot to manage and coordinate but we are thrilled with the end results and can’t wait until the world takes notice of this great product. 

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Do you need support creating content? We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can bring your vision to life!


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