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How We Write Creative Corporate Video Scripts

When producing corporate videos, it’s a good idea to have a script in place to improve the structure of the narrative. While video testimonials, event shoots, and certain other types of videos may be exceptions, most corporate videos will benefit from a script. Start with a Video Brief Prior to writing a video script, we typically […]

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop @ ASL

ASL Productions took a trip over the Brooklyn Bridge to cover the Independent Lodging Congress. We had a crew of six people capturing interviews and highlights from the hospitality conference at The William Vale in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The two-day event was filled with anecdotes and tips from some of the independent hospitality sector’s most successful […]

The Use of Testimonials and Case Studies in Corporate Videos

WHY TESTIMONIALS Video testimonials and case studies are powerful tools for promoting brands. They provide a platform for current customers of a brand to communicate personal endorsements to potential customers. These accounts often prove more effective at inspiring action than direct messages from brands – in the same way that a person may trust independent […]

How We Portray Small Businesses in Corporate Videos

When it comes to promoting a small business, we understand that you need your business to shine with the same level of class, professionalism, and trust commanded by larger businesses. It can be difficult to get that kind of advertising on a smaller budget. However, at ASL Productions, we know how important quality is for […]

Animation in Corporate Video Production

Animation allows you to approach the promotion of your brand with unlimited imagination, with the added bonus of maintaining a cost-effective video production. There are several ways we use animation in our video productions at ASL, including as an enhancement over live action video, as one or more sections of a larger live-action piece, and […]

Immersive Video Technologies as Marketing Applications

The development of virtual reality technology in the past few years, and of 360-degree video in general, has led to a largely untapped new medium for businesses to promote their products and brands. While some believe this is just a passing fad, virtual reality and the like now have greater potential to become mainstream due […]

Why Businesses Need Professional Video Production Services

Professionally produced videos are differentiated by their high quality and effectiveness. Here, we explore some of the elements that contribute to professional-quality video content. At ASL Productions, our service is differentiated by our adaptability, resourcefulness and personal touch. Prioritizing these qualities ensures that we exceed our partners’ expectations at every level. When you outsource video […]

How and Why We Use Green Screens

Utilizing green screen production techniques, whether in a traditional or live production setting, provides a lot of flexibility in post-production.   Why use a Green? The beauty of using a green screen is that you can animate the background behind your subject with movement and effects too costly to do produce live on set. Green […]

How Much it Costs to Outsource Video Production

Like most creative services, the range of cost for video production can vary, depending on a multitude of factors. Unfortunately, there is no straight answer regarding how much you’ll spend on professional video production. Why hire a professional video production crew? Anyone can film a video on their phone, right? Well, not all video content […]

On the Road Again!

ASL has been touring…. ASL has been touring the country lately for a host of exciting video projects. Here’s a look at the highlights. For RSM, a national audit, tax and consulting company, we traveled to three different cities – Houston, New Orleans and Las Vegas. As part of RSM’s ongoing diversity initiative, they sponsored […]

Human Resources: The Other Marketing Department

In light of recent events at Google, which made headlines after letting go of an employee who openly challenged hiring practices, as well as Deloitte’s elimination of its employee affinity groups for women and minorities this summer, we would like to highlight how one of our clients’ ongoing commitment to cultural diversity has benefited their […]

How To Conduct Video Interviews

Conducting an engaging video interview that captures the attention of your audience takes more than simply asking a series of yes and no questions. Learn details that lead to conducting an interview that stands out as genuine and memorable. Get Comfortable Everyone should get comfortable before the camera starts rolling. To loosen up, we often […]

Startup and Online Video Production Basics

As digital content marketing becomes ubiquitous, how does a startup stand out and get noticed? The answer could be video content. On an Internet rife with noise, high-quality video content, content that creates an emotional connection consumers buy into, is getting results. As such, short-form original video content has become a critical component to the […]

As the Summer Sets…

HEY FRIENDS, While most of NYC enjoys summer Fridays at the beach, our partners have kept us sharp all season, and on a short leash! Here are some projects we wouldn’t break for. ASL collaborated with Fuji Electric on a promotional video for their North American branch. We were challenged with producing a short-form piece […]

ASL Productions Livestreams Boxing Matches for Rockin’ Fights 27

With the rise of livestreaming in recent years, businesses have gained a new opportunity to use a powerful medium to grow their brand and connect with their audience in an innovative way. Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, which are constantly showing livestreams, provide businesses and consumers with great accessibility to one another, and the […]

Resourcefulness- the Secret Sauce to a Great Video Production Company

One of our hallmarks at ASL Productions, and what has given us the ability to rank among the best production companies in NJ, Fl, and NY, is our resourcefulness. While we produce the majority of our work using the same in-house production crew, we attribute much of our success in servicing larger clients to having […]

ASL Summer Sessions

HEY FRIENDS, We’re excited to share some of our recent projects, so let’s get to it! ASL collaborated with long-time partner Aspen Dental in Pittsburgh for their annual Day of Service event, during which veterans receive free dental care in over 400 Aspen offices throughout the country. Some of these veterans shared their stories with us, […]

ASL Deploys Multiple NYC Video Production Crews to Cover Make Music Day

ASL teamed up with the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) for the second consecutive year to celebrate the creation of music. We documented Make Music Day, the annual celebration connecting musicians and music lovers. Make Music Day consists of free public events spanning various locations and activities in New York City.  With multiple overlapping […]

ASL, Better Call Saul, and the Age of Visual Storytelling

No matter the medium, the most important rule of storytelling is, “show don’t tell.” Writers want to captivate their audience through action, senses, and feelings, not hit them over the head with meaning. For this reason, visual storytelling is so important. An image can and should convey just as much power and meaning as a […]

Summer is Finally Here, Along with Amazing Video Content

Hey friends, We’re excited to share some of our recent projects, so let’s get to it! ASL traveled to the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama to collaborate with Aspen Dental, and racers Danica Patrick and Clint Bowyer, for a comedic social media spot in which Bowyer pushes to become Patrick’s tooth fairy. Both Patrick’s and Bowyer’s comedic […]

Soothing Spa’s and Scripted Content

Hey friends, We’re excited to share some of our recent projects, so lets get to it! ASL Productions recently collaborated with Lincoln Financial Group on a scripted campaign that showed us the faces of everyday heroes. Among other compassionate moments, we filmed mom checking under the bed for monsters and dad heating up leftovers after his daughter’s […]

Diamonds, Pillow Fights and other Spectacles

Hey friends, We’ve worked on some great projects recently, and we’re excited to share the highlights! David Yurman called on us to cover their manager’s training conference. After two days of jewelry presentations and team-building exercises, we’re feeling great about our newfound diamond prowess. Can you spot the difference between a diamond and cubic zirconia? […]

Filming Corporate Interviews

Interviews and documentary-style videos are often focused on capturing the honest, unbridled reality of a person, company, or situation. Our New York and New Jersey video production teams specialize in real-world content, so we understand that the production of such content requires more than simply pointing and shooting the subject—it requires informed strategy. What are […]

Earning Stripes with a New Partner – TigerRisk

In February, ASL’s New York/New Jersey video crew found themselves a new breed of partner–TigerRisk Partners, the leading risk, capital, and strategic advisor to the global insurance and reinsurance industries. This was a titan of a project with multiple shoot days that took our New York and New Jersey commercial production team to TigerRisk offices […]

How we Portray Testimonials and Case Studies

More often than not, a corporate video benefits the most from testimonials and case studies. They show the target audience (clients, employees, or the general public) how important your message is and how it is actually impacting the demographic in the real world. They’re an essential form of visual storytelling. From their years of experience […]

ASL’s Cross-Country Adventures

Hey ASL Friends, ASL Productions is off to the races once again! We’ve had a pretty busy month traveling all over the country, creating awesome video content. First, our New York/New Jersey video crew headed to our nation’s capital to create a promo video piece for BET’s new show, The Quad. We also filmed actor Lance Gross at […]

ASL and Footlocker: How we set up the celebration of Footlocker’s new store in Time Square

On February 9th, our wonderful ASL crew trudged through ice and snow to shoot the grand opening of Footlocker’s new flagship store in Times Square. The multi-camera shoot was live-streamed onto giant screens encircling the building and would’ve put New Year’s Eve to shame with its grand shoe-dropping and shoelace-cutting ceremony. Award-winning E! News anchor […]

Commercial Production

How We Sell Your Service The goal behind a commercial is to sell something (be it a product, service, or both) to your consumer without making them feel like they are being sold something. Web and television commercials are not like newspaper advertisements, where an overt and flashy message is normal. Rather, commercials are like […]

Video Production: How we make Dialogue feel Real

While much of our work comes in non-narrative form with interviews and testimonials to carry the story, our New York and New Jersey video production crews are also comfortable catering to a narrative need. We are a team of storytellers, no matter the format. One of the biggest keys to a successful narrative commercial is […]

Heartburn Battle: Tums teams up with ASL for Superbowl Campaign

Hi ASL Friends, We’ve come a long way at ASL, evolving from a one-man production company into a burgeoning organization producing national campaigns through their talented video crew. Last Sunday, we reached another milestone as Tums aired its Super Bowl QuarterTime Show on YouTube and Twitter during the big game. ASL first partnered with Tums […]

What is a Producer?

The role of a producer is so often misinterpreted, and for good reason—there are many types of producers. The producers of different media types can fulfill completely different roles. So, what exactly is a film producer? Essentially, a film producer coordinates all aspects of the production process. Their job is to ensure that everyone involved […]

Size Doesn’t Matter: Creating Marketing Content for Small Businesses

When it comes to promoting small businesses, we never sacrifice quality for budget. At ASL, we seek to provide all our partners with the same level of premium quality content, which is why small businesses choose us to provide them with exceptional corporate video marketing content on limited budgets. Here is a little insight into […]

The Talent behind our Video Crew

Whether we are talking about our Los Angeles, South Florida, New Jersey or New York video crew, we at ASL offer extremely talented production teams for our client’s service. We always want to make sure that each of our clients receives the best of the best treatment. That type of discipline trickles down to how […]

Partners, profits, and PIRATES! Exciting news at ASL

Mary Ann and Robert Dyess thought a pirate themed office would make going to the dentist less AAArduous Hi ASL Friends, ASL Productions’s video crew has traveled all over the map finding many treasures along the way. First we teamed up with Aspen Dental, transforming one of their new offices into a pirate themed adventure. The production […]

How New York City provides Top Video Production Talent

When people imagine film or video production, most of the time they think of Los Angeles, California. Now, although that may be the most iconic kingdom of screen production, it is not the only one in the country. New York City has always been home to a vast array of special talent, including no shortage […]

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