Summer is Finally Here, Along with Amazing Video Content

Hey friends,

We’re excited to share some of our recent projects, so let’s get to it! ASL traveled to the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama to collaborate with Aspen Dental, and racers Danica Patrick and Clint Bowyer, for a comedic social media spot in which Bowyer pushes to become Patrick’s tooth fairy. Both Patrick’s and Bowyer’s comedic chops shine to create a video you can really sink your teeth into.

Check out the video in Aspen Dental’s “Let’s Get Started” campaign.

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We teamed up with a new partner, Lifion (subsidiary of ADP), on their latest marketing campaign to show off their company culture and attract new talent. We spent multiple days in Lifion’s Manhattan offices interviewing employees and producing several videos for the firm. We’re psyched to help Lifion showcase the energy and innovation they’re bringing to ADP’s already booming business, and look forward to future projects with them.

Watch the Lifion company story video here.

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ASL got its glam on this month with Concept. Transforming their New Jersey salon into a production studio for the day, we filmed product tutorials showing off’s new “milk_shake” line of beauty products. These products look good enough to eat, so skip Shake Shack and watch this sweet spot.
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ASL went green at the High Line to help produce marketing assets for a new line of eco-friendly shipping trucks. We spoke with the innovator behind these trucks, and using the High Line as a metaphor for eco-innovation, we engaged with members of the public on the subject of positive energy and the potential impact of electric trucks in NYC (along with the rest of the globe).
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As chronicled in our last email, ASL created a series of spots for Lincoln Financial Group highlighting everyday heroes, which you can now watch here.

Thanks for your time this month! Stay tuned, as we have a full schedule of exciting projects to share this summer.

Until next time, stay cool.


– Adam

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