What is a Producer?

The role of a producer is so often misinterpreted, and for good reason—there are many types of producers. The producers of different media types can fulfill completely different roles. So, what exactly is a film producer? Essentially, a film producer coordinates all aspects of the production process. Their job is to ensure that everyone involved in a production is both on schedule and on point in the performance of their work. Where a director or writer handles the creative aspects of a production, the producer paves the way for the effective performance of creative teams. Therefore the role of a producer requires extreme adaptability.


There are several types of producers in the context of film production. At ASL, we are careful to adapt the scope of our services to fulfill our partners’ needs in each video production. Here is an elaboration on the potential hierarchy of producers that might be involved in a production:


Associate Producer:

The Associate producer is charged with specifically focusing on certain select departments on a project. This differs from the producer who oversees all aspects.


Line Producer:

While taking care of the logistical aspects of a production, the producer, of course, cannot always be on set. That is why the producer enlists a line producer. The line producer handles the day-to-day decision making of the production. For instance, they meet with the director and make sure that everything is on budget and performing up to expectations.


Executive Producer:

The Executive producer is one who is involved in multiple projects and has a big hand in the funding of the budgets.


Each production project is unique and requires a fresh approach. At ASL, we don’t shy away from changing the scope of our production team to meet the needs of a project. Adaptability is our hallmark!

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