The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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ASL has been touring….

ASL has been touring the country lately for a host of exciting video projects. Here’s a look at the highlights.

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For RSM, a national audit, tax and consulting company, we traveled to three different cities – Houston, New Orleans and Las Vegas. As part of RSM’s ongoing diversity initiative, they sponsored the NABA, ALPFA and ASCEND conferences, geared toward the hiring of minorities in the accounting field. ASL had a two-fold mission: to produce a dynamic video showcasing RSM’s commitment to cultural diversity, and to add an experiential component to their booths for which we filmed candidate interviews, then cut and provided each candidate with a copy of their video interview on site, allowing them to review their performance. The experiential application not only enhanced the candidates’ experience, but drew a large crowd of onlookers to boot!

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ASL also covered the Tamid Group’s annual conference, our second project with Tamid. This organization provides great resources and opportunities to entrepreneurial students. They have a suite of programs, one of which connects their students with opportunities to work with innovative companies in Israel.

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On yet another human capital project, we produced a new recruiting video for our ongoing partner BillTrust. We traveled to their Chicago and New Jersey offices to film employees of the growing human capital management firm in action. Check out the stills above from our shoot.

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And continuing our work with tech startups, we produced a product explainer for The Setup, a new dating app on which users match-make for others, rather than choosing their own dates. People can either play matchmaker or get matched, and users can enter for a chance to appear in the associated reality web series. Check it out! Tune in next month for details on our current projects, which include productions for Aspen Dental, as well as Essity, a global hygiene and health company for which we shot a profile piece promoting global health to be aired at the United Nations. Here’s a quick glimpse from our Essity shoot!

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Check out a sneak peak from our Essity shoot. Tune in next month to see the final video.

Until next time, #LoveYourContent

– Adam


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