How we Portray Testimonials and Case Studies


More often than not, a corporate video benefits the most from testimonials and case studies. They show the target audience (clients, employees, or the general public) how important your message is and how it is actually impacting the demographic in the real world. They’re an essential form of visual storytelling. From their years of experience and big-name clients, our New Jersey and New York video production team at ASL know how to make a testimonial as powerful as it can be when they create video projects.


The Audience’s Need

Every testimonial is a personal story, even if it’s about the company. Our philosophy is that every brand, every product, every corporation has a message behind it, and our goal is to share it with the world. There is a need for your company–otherwise, why bother? The testimonial helps convey that need to its audience through the corporate video. From a storytelling perspective, it is the ‘hook’ required to grab the audience and keep them invested in your message.


Unique Service

So, after establishing to your demographic what’s missing in their daily life, we must present the opportunity to fix it. Along with why the client needs your product, you must also show them the company’s innovation–essentially, what makes your service unique. For instance, we’ve worked closely with Salesforce, a cloud-computing company. Conglomerates like NBC Universal trust the product to make them more organized and efficient, but only because Salesforce’s marketing strategy hinges itself on showing audiences why they’re unique and why the product is necessary. Salesforce makes its message crystal clear through visual storytelling. In this industry, actions always speak louder than words.


The Message

We at ASL are simply out to tell stories. The story behind your brand or your company is what excites us and motivates us to create video excitement. The power of testimonials and case studies is how we are able to create video projects with a new level of appeal. No matter what kind of brand you are, as long as you have a message to share, our New Jersey and New York video production crews will make your testimonial–and in turn, you and your service–visually unforgettable.


For more information on our New Jersey and New York video production services, feel free to contact ASL Productions here. For more examples of our previous corporate video projects, please see our work page as well.


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