The Talent behind our Video Crew


Whether we are talking about our Los Angeles, South Florida, New Jersey or New York video crew, we at ASL offer extremely talented production teams for our client’s service. We always want to make sure that each of our clients receives the best of the best treatment. That type of discipline trickles down to how we hire our video crew members. In order to help our customers feel more confident in the crew’s capability, here is a description of each of the main departments’ skills and expertise. These disciplines apply not only to our New York video crew but also to all of our nation-wide teams. Once you understand what each department brings to the table, you will begin to see your vision fulfilled.



Aside from employing some of the most efficient camera equipment, the ASL videographers are capable artists who know exactly how to make any image look cinematic. Experienced in manipulating the depth of field, perspective, and lighting, the videographers approach each project with a customized style. They are well aware that no two projects should feel the same. For instance, the videographer wouldn’t shoot a documentary the same way they would a fantasy film. So for any commercial or corporate video, the videographers first hear from the client’s goal. From there, they apply the necessary tools and techniques to fulfill their vision.



Although the cinematography carries undoubted importance, the video cannot sustain without the proper audio. The sound is what immerses the audience into the world of the presentation. Because of this level of responsibility, the video crew’s sound department carries a high level of concern for the clarity and believability of the sound. Aside from the clarity of the microphones and mixing, the department is also required to make sure that each sound is layered so that the editing process will work as fluidly as possible.



The Editing department is like a second writer, where they take all of the information and assemble it into the desired project. The director’s overall vision is matched by the color correction, pacing, sound, and picture. The video and sound editing comes from the most organized techniques and programs. But no matter how efficient the performance is, their main concern is always pleasing the client with the kind of video that they wanted.


Final Result 

It can be difficult searching for the right Los Angeles, South Florida, New Jersey, or New York video crew. But there is no better place to find your departmental needs than here at ASL. Our work shows that we hold both the technical and artistic capability to bring any type of video to fruition. For more information on how our teams can bring your vision to life, please be sure to contact ASL Productions.


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