Earning Stripes with a New Partner – TigerRisk

In February, ASL’s New York/New Jersey video crew found themselves a new breed of partner–TigerRisk Partners, the leading risk, capital, and strategic advisor to the global insurance and reinsurance industries. This was a titan of a project with multiple shoot days that took our New York and New Jersey commercial production team to TigerRisk offices in New York, Connecticut, and Chicago. The whole production spanned almost the entire month of February. We followed TigerRisk employees on team building exercises, like a scavenger hunt in Chicago, and sat down to interview the president of the company, the CEO, and all of the original founders. There were many different working parts, but we’re thrilled with how the project turned out, and even more excited by this new relationship with our New York/New Jersey video crew.


TigerRisk prides itself on a cooperative, team-based environment. One of their proudest accomplishments is the work they do with the Navy SEALs and their training. Seeking to emulate that same tone of teamwork, ASL’s New York/New Jersey video crew collaborated with different crews in all of their shooting locations. Our own team consisted of a director of photography, Gimbal operators for both interviews and b-roll of the TigerRisk offices, a lighting team, a makeup team, and Adam Lebenstein as director of the production.


Along with teamwork, TigerRisk and its employees also model themselves around the idea of “being great at life,” both in the office and outside. ASL’s video crew were inspired by this mantra and looked to shape the video around it. The final piece will be used to promote the business at TigerRisk’s annual national client conference, and we’re proud to be able to show it off. Take a look at the video here. As you will see, the partnership between TigerRisk Partners and our New York and New Jersey commercial production team was well worth it.


Solidifying new partnerships can always be a daunting task, but in the end, we think we really showed TigerRisk our stripes. For more information on our New York and New Jersey commercial production services, please be sure to check out our contact page here!

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