Diamonds, Pillow Fights and other Spectacles

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Hey friends,

We’ve worked on some great projects recently, and we’re excited to share the highlights!

David Yurman called on us to cover their manager’s training conference. After two days of jewelry presentations and team-building exercises, we’re feeling great about our newfound diamond prowess. Can you spot the difference between a diamond and cubic zirconia? They called us again the following week to film David Yurman himself, and his wife, as part of a judging panel for a young sculpture competition.

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Barstool Sports has kept us busy, helping deliver their rousing brand of male-driven content. Among the recent highlights were a pillow fight in Washington Square Park, and documenting their “Fore Play” bloggers taking their best shot at TPC Sawgrass.

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We also ventured up to Columbia University to cover an annual “Shark Tank” style competition called Tamid Tank. Out of nearly 100 candidates from across the country, three student-run startups were selected to pitch their ideas to a panel of prominent venture capitalists–with six-figure investments at stake! See the highlights here.

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The ASL crew got our annual eye-care industry update at the Vision Monday Summit. The conference showcases industry technology trends, and this year had a heavy focus on augmented reality in eye wear. We produced 11 videos out of the day-long event, with only a two-week turnaround.

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ASL is now in post-production on another collaboration with Lincoln Financial Group. We have worked with LFG on several other video projects, and the scope for this one included casting, location scouting, and selecting props and wardrobe for each of six scenes. We’ll be thrilled to share the results on Lincoln’s social media channels soon.

Thanks for your time! Let’s tell a great story together.

– Adam

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