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How We Sell Your Service

The goal behind a commercial is to sell something (be it a product, service, or both) to your consumer without making them feel like they are being sold something. Web and television commercials are not like newspaper advertisements, where an overt and flashy message is normal. Rather, commercials are like short films telling stories, and the video producer must find subtle ways to incorporate that advertisement into the story at hand. This is exactly what our joint New York-New Jersey commercial production team strives for with every project.


Selling Through Story

Hard-sell commercials tend to break the illusion of consumerism. To get around this, our video producers aim to intrigue the target audience with a message that feels natural and never preachy or out of place. We believe there is a story behind every product and service, whether it is a testimonial true story or a mission statement. We craft both narrative characters and testimonial platforms for our clients to share their message in a relatable and genuine way. For us, that story always comes first.


Here’s an example. Let’s say that you’re the owner of a car manufacturer that pulls for lightning-quick safety features. A good commercial would perhaps show those features in a simulated car crash, as airbags are a pretty intuitive product. However, a great commercial would take that to the next level by showing the story behind the product. With a narrative reflection of the target audience (in this case, perhaps a mother or a father with a family to protect) the consumer is more likely to relate, and therefore be more inclined to check out your product. Remember, a commercial should be a story, not a lecture.


Story First = Quality Project

At ASL, we strive to create video commercials that go beyond our clients’ expectations. No matter the project, we always put the client first. And in doing that, we end up putting the story first as well. The meaning behind your product is what motivates the quality of our commercial production. You have a message to share, and our joint New York-New Jersey commercial production team will help you share it.


For more information on our New York and New Jersey commercial production services, please be sure to check out our contact page here!

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