The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A High End Recording Studio in NYC

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Mary Ann and Robert Dyess thought a pirate themed office would make going to the dentist less AAArduous

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Hi ASL Friends,

ASL Productions’s video crew has traveled all over the map finding many treasures along the way.

First we teamed up with Aspen Dental, transforming one of their new offices into a pirate themed adventure. The production was part of Aspen Dental’s “What Would It Take” campaign, which asks its customers how to make going to the dentist more appealing. With the shoot taking place in Memphis and just one day of prep to transform the office, could ASL’s video crew pull it off? Check out the final video by clicking on the picture above or going to Aspen Dental’s Facebook page here.

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While some ASL team members were in Memphis, others were in Denver filming for two separate clients.

Our video crew captured the gorgeous campus of Billtrust, a payment cycle management company.  Look out for our finished recruiting video from them in next month’s blast.  While in Denver our crew also made a recruiting video for Lodel, a food delivery service that is rapidly expanding in college towns.  We’ll be churning out tons of fun social content for them in 2017.

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This video is helping Hookaps launch their hookah accessory company

In between our travels, ASL’s video crew took time to shoot and edit a product video, in New York, for the new hookah accessory company, Hookaps. Be on the lookout for this no mess, tobacco free hookah solution.

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Another new client ASL is happy to add to our rolodex is Sightly. ASL Productions filmed an interview with Sightly’s CSO Larry Harris focusing on the next generation of ad space for future marketers.

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They’re baaack.  Tums hired ASL again, this time to shoot content for the Super Bowl!  Our shoot was a huge success and we cant wait to watch the Tums Quartertime show on Facebook Live and Twitter after the 1st and 3rd quarters of the big game on February 5th!

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